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IT HAS BEEN ESTIMATED THAT by the end of this year, there will be over 234 million hours of streaming content expected on the Web.

In this program-heavy world, you need a lot more than a copy of TV Guide to help you find the right audio or video Webcast, and that's why an outfit like can easily move up the priority list in the months to come.

The home page gets you right to the subcategories: music; TV and film; sports; money; news; sex and relationships; books; technology; healthy and family living; and culture and learning. The site is organized logically, in the same way the morning paper is divided into sections.

On a mid-September day, when we tried out the site, you could watch Placido Domingo and Shirley Verrett belting out Myerbeer's opera "L'Africaine," learn how to pleasure your mate or listen to the Arizona Diamondbacks-Atlanta Braves game on the Arizona Diamondbacks Radio.

There's plenty of information to be found on the site's numerous guides and categories. Yes, you can discover that Bjork's latest video is the most popular, but who knew that T.S. Eliot's was the most-demanded literary MP3?

The radio guide will also send your mind reeling. Not only can you pick the type of radio you listen to by musical genre, you can turn your computer on to your favorite little radio station in Anchorage, Alaska. Another cool feature is Yack's e-mail reminder. Once you register your preferences with the outfit, you'll be able to get personal e-mail reminders about the events that interest you. For instance, if you're a David Sedaris fan, you'll get a message every time he appears on National Public Radio, which isn't such a bad idea if you're a die-hard aficionado of the spoken word.

Perhaps the world would be just fine without the Yack Back Poll du jour (What is your favorite Madonna image: fishnet clad, sultry Latin vixen, blond child teaser or the latest incarnation, Rhinestone Cowgirl?), but that's just because polls are quickly becoming the Web's equivalent of elevator music.

Obviously, it makes financial sense for Yack to branch out in the short film, animation and streaming video universe, but somehow, it would be nice if this site could keep its focus on the simpler world of audio and radio alternatives. Does everybody in the world have to have a link to Atom Films?

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