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YOUR VIEWS; Is council totally blind to our objections?

We read again in your columns that another critic of the millennium scheme, namely the son-in-law of the famous Sir Basil Spence, has objected to the demolition of yet another famous Coventry building - JFK House.

The city planners have received objections to the demolition of the old Coventry Hippodrome, the demolition of the Smithfield Hotel, the destruction of the 18th century building now known as The Alhambra Pub, the destruction of the cottages in Chauntry Place, the devastation of businesses in Fairfax Street and Trinity Street.

They have also received objections to this scheme from over 7,000 Coventry citizens in the form of a petition.

Much has been written in your columns regarding objections to many other aspects of the Phoenix Initiative but our civic leaders seem to take little notice of Coventry people.

The city council has been promised Pounds 10m from the lottery funds. These funds are supposed to be for projects that are "of the people and for the people".

What do the people of Coventry have to do to make the council listen?

Lyndon Moore, Louisa James, The Victorian Jewellers Shop, The Burges, Coventry.

Whose tools?

Regarding the ``amnesty'' on Coventry Council tools. As a council employee it gets my back up to read council memos, statements to the media and finally the recent correspondent to Your Views.

Is everyone so gullible to believe that we would steal council tools? Can't your readers read between the lines from the past mismanagement; the blame always gets passed down to the shop floor!

Most of us have to supply our own battery-power tools (which the council won't insure) in some cases because there is no money available to hire or purchase.

You have to face the facts, the council lost money, they have to claw it back from somewhere!

Lets face it, the ship is sinking and we are up to the funnels!

Name and address supplied.

Safe asylum

I am not impressed by Jeremy Bevan's arguments in criticising what he terms my `ignorant and uncaring' comments in the matter of illegal immigration (Your Views, January 14).

In fact it is due to his own ignorance that he is unable to see what uncontrolled illegal immigration would lead to.

While I have no objection to genuine asylum seekers being granted admittance, I cannot accept that those who enter illegally should be allowed to stay unless they can provide an extremely good reason.

People are by nature opportunists and it is certain that if illegal immigrants were allowed to stay, the relatively small number currently coming here would become a flood.

One has only to look back at the numbers of boat people trying to gate crash Hong Kong some years back to realise this.

In order to provide greater financial resources for subsequent groups of refugees then asylum should only be granted until such time as it is safe for them to return to their own countries, unless of course that period is so long as to make it impracticable.

G J White, Haynestone Road, Coundon.

House danger

Independent forecasting company Cambridge Econometrics says that the five million new houses the Labour party want to build by the year 2016 will cause a faster rise in emissions of greenhouse gases than cars and lorries.

The study shows that emissions from households will be 13 per cent higher in 2010 than they are now and reveals that the government has disguised the extent that households are a major source of pollution.

Savings made by power stations switching from coal to less polluting gas have been credited incorrectly to the household sector. What they are saying is if the government goes ahead and builds this massive amount of houses and with a 13 per cent increase in pollution, people are going to die.

If the government lets pollution rise by 13 per cent in 2010 every man, woman and child whose quality of life is effected should sue the government for every penny they can get. Of course it will be too late for thousands of others.

If the government goes ahead with this crazy scheme to build five million new homes by 2016 they will be the biggest murders this country has known.

This being so, John Prescott and his henchmen should be up in court like any other murderer.

Mr P Leonard, Charles Eaton Road, Bedworth.

Player search

I am a Coventry City fan and my hobby is tracking down former City players. One I have still not found is Eric Betts.

He was born in Coventry on July 27 1925 and played for Coventry 1947-8.

He also played for Nuneaton Borough and spent his later playing days in the North West.

Later clubs included Rochdale, Crewe, Wrexham and Oldham.

As he was Coventry born, I wonder if any relative here - or people that knew him - can tell me his present whereabouts? Call Coventry 456826 or 584331 (daytime).

R E Weeks, Brixworth Close, Ernesford Grange.

What happened to huge clock?

Now that Samuels the Jewellers has closed down in Trinity Street, does anybody know what has happened to the huge clock that used to hang over Trinity Street.

It disappeared very quickly!

S D Graham, Faseman Avenue, Tile Hill North.

Railway service to remember

The annual railway memorial service for families mourning a loved one, mainly since January 1994, within 60 miles of Birmingham, will take place in a Birmingham city centre church on Wednesday, May 12.

Should any readers like further details, with requests for dedicated items to their loved ones in the service, they are invited to contact me by post at The Railway Mission, New Street Railway Station, Birmingham B2 4QA or telephone 0121 654 2635. The closing date is Friday, April 9.

Rev John Bassett, Railway Mission Chaplain in the West Midlands, New Street Station, Birmingham.

Pen power

As March approaches the annual seal slaughter in Canada will begin.

Last year 500,000 seals were slaughtered - eight out of ten harp seals were pups only weeks old. All this just to provide body parts for aphrodisiacs on the Asian market.

This terrible slaughter must be stopped. Don't leave it to someone else, write a letter to: The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON K1A 0G2 Canada asking him to stop this hunt now.

Lynne Whiting, Max Road, Coundon.
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Date:Feb 16, 1999
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