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Saturn faces the Moon in your sign today Aries, which early on also fleetingly connects with the edgy energies of Uranus. You might not appreciate anyone trying to pin you down today. In fact, the inner rebel can come to light. But watch defensiveness. Call for more advice... Today, a few issues that you haven't quite had time to keep an eye on, may call for your attention. In fact, if you try to ignore them, this could just stress you out. So, whether it is your paperwork, housework or bills, get to it Taurus. Call me for your financial scope... You might find a friend springs a surprise on you, changing their mind over a previous pledge or date to go out. Try to take this in your stride Gemini, for something else can come up later today which can delight you. Your mind is also set to speed up. Call for more... You have an instinctive sense of when to conform, and when to be a little more free-spirited, and so it can be as much of a surprise to you, as to anyone else, that you can be more outspoken today. But then if you are, bear in mind the possible consequences. Call for more..

If you're on the move today, try to give yourself some flexibility in your schedule because there may be some unforeseen glitches and delays. You may also encounter someone outspoken. Do you react and feed the flame, or do you turn the other cheek? Call for more... You might receive a reminder on a forgotten premium or a monthly payment can go out of your bank before you've had the chance to realise. Avoid spending money on unnecessary bits and pieces. In fact, despite temptations, give retail therapy a miss. Call for more... You might completely change your mind about one person, suddenly deciding that you do like them after all, or that they're NOT for you. Changes around relationships are much more dramatic than you are used to. One thing is for sure, life won't be boring. Call for more... You may find yourself feeling irritable or changeable, or both.

You can also feel tired or conversely so full of nervous energy you are almost hyper. The trick will be to ground yourself down on something you enjoy and put off any unnecessary demands. Call for more..

You can find yourself at your impulsive best. The downside is your attention span may not be the highest, but if anyone is up for having a good time or being inventive then it can be you. Steadier friends may find you a bit difficult to keep up with! Call for more advice... You might surprise yourself and decide to move a few things around. This may be as simple as trying a new position for your settee or something more like moving from one bedroom to another. Unsettled where you live? The urge to move can get stronger. Call for more... You might want to try to do something new and engaging today, but then once you settle down to try the energy just seems to ebb away from you. Instead, why not let something else provide the stimulation? A documentary, film or a good book can help. Call for more... Even if you decide to indulge yourself today, almost straight away you might wish you hadn't. That's not to say you can't enjoy some of life's goodness's, but that old maxim of everything in moderation is definitely worth bearing in mind. Call me now for more...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 21, 2011
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