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6 Fiona, you wrote about how magpies have destroyed the small bird population in your garden. Recently, pigeons, doves and blackbirds were nesting in a hawthorn tree in my garden and got to the point of chicks hatching when a mob of magpies came and destroyed the lot.

At other times I've seen magpies attack fledgling blackbirds - they peck them in the eyes so the poor things can't defend themselves, then kill and eat them.

Thank you for your column; keep up the good work.

Ray Whitear North Warnborough, Hants 6 Fiona, I'd like to add my feelings to yours about magpies; they seem to have taken over everywhere - there are sometimes seven in our garden.

They remind me of pantomime villains. I recently saw one take a baby starling out. They are the only birds we will have left soon. Lesley via e-mail 6 Fiona, regarding your horrific plan to murder the majestic, if slightly annoying, magpies; may I suggest that when you hand your husband an air gun to shoot the bird with the rattling cackle, that you take cover... just in case! Stewart Hammond via e-mail

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 16, 2014
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