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YOUR SAY: Should more events like the Labour spring conference be held in the region?

Andy McCallum, 37, data administrator, Hexham: Although the cost to the city was big, it was worth it.

Ashley Houlden, 19, audio typist, Killingworth: I'd like to see more events like that here, even though it made the area really busy.

Steven Mason, 31, production assistant, Dudley: It was a good idea to bring it to the North East as it's put us on the map.

Tony Lloyd, 18, student, Chapel Park: It's good for the city because it brings publicity and people learn about the region.

Alistair Findlay, 24, software developer, Heaton: It's good they used the Sage for things other than music events.

Nova Alderson, 59, kitchen porter, Elswick: I'm not sure about having political events here as I don't like them.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 14, 2005
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