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@dazzietamla just been to see @castofficial with @cenidodger in the @VenueCymru. Superb performance!#brilliant @jjjj86 @VenueCymru this evening to watch CAST promoted by @sambigboot - great Gig. Good to see live music in Llandudno @sharon__oconnor @VenueCymru fantastic Panto. A wonderful night out for the family. Once again, in stitches of laughter with @johnevanscomic . Merry Xmas ! @Zincfreud Panto:- Sleeping Beauty at Llandudno great night out with the family @LittleBrownie23 @VenueCymru Brilliant performance tonight! Definitely in the mood for Christmas now!

@papalamour Less than five minute in.. 3 boo''''s and fireworks ... Next report from llandudno panto is '''' behind you'''' #panto @ChrisEdgerley GREAT #panto in Llandudno tonight with @bodyjamie @johnevanscomic & The Sleeping Beauty cast ? Follow us @dailypostwales @VickyEntwistle!! well done guys, from your neighbour in @RHYLPAVILION x @n1ckwilton @RHYLPAVILION #Aladdin. Great show guys! Fab cast. Loved it.

@steveallanjones Great to see Aladdin in Rhyl yesterday. Fab show. Well done all @00markjames00 Great show today at Rhyl Aladdin. Some funny moments. Now to watch Peter Pan at Liverpool. Then bk to pantoland tomorrow for a 10.30 show. @LittleWebby_ Anchorman exceeded my expectations. Expect new constant quotes by me in the near future. @CaiFerguson Anchorman you''''ve done it again @murrayjenkins The Hobbit was just boring.

@DominicJacques1 Just watched the hobbit film, it was better than the last hobbit film, but not as good as the 2 before that, & on par with the first #hobbit @Dyfrij The hobbit was class, things have gotten interesting #smaug #gandalf @jackjeffers The hobbit trilogy doesn''''t come close to The Lord of the Rings one!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 21, 2013
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