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Q I am 60 years old and wake up each morning feeling sick and with abdominal pain.

I take paracetamol for the pain, but this doesn't help the nausea.

I have had a stomach X-ray and my doctor put me on Losec to reduce the acid in my stomach. But this has not helped at all. I am worried that I might have bowel cancer.

A IT sounds as if you have reflux oesophagitis, acid irritating your gullet.

The medication for reducing the acid which you are already taking is useful, as is some Gaviscon, which helps to line the gullet preventing heartburn symptoms.

If you are overweight, then this could also be contributing to your symptoms. It sounds like your GP has started investigations to rule out gastric, duodenal ulcers and hiatus hernia.

Try sleeping with three pillows at night or putting blocks of wood under the legs at the top of your bed. Avoid eating late at night or just before going to bed.

If you are experiencing weight loss, poor appetite, change in bowel habit or have been noticing blood in your stools, then mention these symptoms to your GP because these symptoms can be caused by bowel cancer.


Q MY 20-year-old son has obsessive compulsive disorder. His phobia, he says, stems from his nearness to two smelly boys when he was at school.

He now uses excessive disinfectant and shower gel to clean himself. He wears a glove to touch things and even to eat food.

He doesn't allow his mother to clean his clothes or tidy his room. He manages to work, but is almost a hermit the rest of the time.

He has been receiving treatment from a clinical psychologist in recent months with little improvement. He wants to leave his home area with all its bad associations.

Is there an alternative medicine for OCD? Has he some vitamin deficiency which contributes to his mental imbalance?

A YOUR son may need some alternative remedies as there are often deficiencies involved in such cases.

There is an excellent preparation called Immuno-Strength which would help him. And I would suggest the homeopathic remedy Zincum Valeriana. Has he seen a homeopathic practitioner?

The homeopath would be able to establish a specific programme of remedies for your son. I would also advise him to read my book Stress And Nervous Disorders which should be in your local library.


Q I AM a 58-year-old woman who has been plagued for many years with cysts.

I've had four ops to remove them from my breasts and from the pubic area. Now I have three tiny cysts in the pubic area which my doc says can be taken out or left alone.

I tried a homeopathic doctor a few years ago who recommended biochemic tissue salts. Can you help solve this recurring problem?

A Recurring cysts are often caused by a zinc deficiency. I would suggest you take 15 milligrams of zinc twice a day.

The biochemic tissue salts that you used can be helpful, but it appears they were not strong enough on their own.

I suggest you also use the remedy Petasan at a dose of 10 drops twice a day after meals.


Q I AM a 53-year-old female and for the past four months have had pains across my shoulders and the back of my neck.

Sometimes I feel a bit light-headed. I have tried changing my pillows and recently bought a neck support pillow, but this only helped for a few nights. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

A This could be cervical spondylosis, caused by degeneration of the discs between the bones in the neck (interverteral discs).

The sufferer is typically middle- aged. Symptoms can include:

Pain in neck and back

Worse on waking

Pain in arms

Numbness in arms

Weakness in arms

A rare cause would be a cervical rib. Some people are born with an extra rib with fibrous material which constricts nerves and arteries in the neck. This may explain both your pain and light-headedness.

If simple painkillers and massage are not helping, best see your GP for further advice.


Q I'M starting a new job next month and am sick with nerves. The thought of meeting all these new people terrifies me. I'm 35 and seem to get less self-confident as I get older.

A EVERYONE worries about these situations. Make sure you're well prepared for your new job. Know your stuff and it'll give you so much added confidence.


Q MY six-year-old grandson has had to get some of his first teeth and four of his second teeth extracted, as they have crumbled and decayed. The surgeon at the dental hospital said it is because there is no enamel on his teeth and nothing can be done about it. He has always had a good diet. We have never heard of this before and all have good teeth. Is there any supplement you can suggest to stop this happening to his other teeth when they come through?

A THERE is an excellent preparation called Urticalcin for severe problems with tooth enamel. This is a homeopathic remedy and should be taken at a dose of two tablets twice daily.


Q I AM 64 years old and had a small cancerous lump removed from my left breast together with five lymph glands back in 1966. This was followed by a course of radiotherapy.

I am now suffering from mild lymphoedema in the left arm and leg.

I intend going to the USA next year and would appreciate tips to prevent swelling during the flights. I already use support tights.

A SWOLLEN ankles are common in many people who take long flights. If you are comfortable with support hosiery, then wear the tights during your flight.

I would suggest that you wear loose fitting, cotton clothing and comfortable, flat shoes. It would be useful to elevate your legs and arm, but this is not easy on a flight.

Try to get up and about as much as possible throughout the flight, to help to drain the lymphatic channels and prevent build up of lymph.


Q I married a man I love dearly six months ago - but I don't think he feels the same way about me. I'm scared our marriage has been a mistake for him. I feel dull because that's how he sees me. I don't know how to make him love me again.

A You must communicate with your husband. Ask him how he's feeling about things without using a tone that may cause an argument. There may be something else bothering him, in which case you can work at resolving it together, or see a counsellor.



JAN DE VRIES is the country's foremost name in alternative medicine.

The Troon-based naturopath and author trained as a pharmacist before qualifying as a homeopath and herbalist.

He'll guide you through the full range of homeopathic treatments.

DR DREENA KELLY nursed children in Africa before becoming a doctor while caring for her invalid sister and bringing up her son on her own. Named as Woman of the 90s last year, Dreena, 38, will answer all your medical queries.

DOCTOR Geoff Scobie is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Glasgow.

He has specialist knowledge in the fields of stress at work, and sexual attitudes.

He'll help sort out all your relationships problems.

Write in confidence for FREE advice from our experts. Send your letters to Dr Kelly, Mr De Vries or Dr Scobie at The Daily Record, Anderston Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA. Sorry, they can't reply personally
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