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YOUR PROBLEMS; Can child lick her wounds clean?

QMY eight-year-old daughter is always falling over and hurting herself. I often find her licking her cuts and grazes and worry she could infect the wounds.

AYOUR daughter is probably helping herself rather than risking more serious infection. Animals lick their wounds and it's known animal saliva has an antibacterial action. The same is true of humans. Saliva contains nitrates and this is converted to nitric oxide when its licked on to the skin. Nitric oxide kills bacteria and helps wounds to heal.

But licking is not preferable to cleaning the wound by applying a little antiseptic cream and a clean dressing.


QI AM a diabetic who has had two strokes and two heart attacks, but I also have bowel trouble, which leaves me in agony.

I take 25 tablets in total every day but they don't seem to help the pain. The hospital says I have diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and antispaemodic. The doctor said I can't get an operation because there are too many complications.Could you help me or advise me what to do?

A IT will be very difficult to fit in any other medication. However, I would suggest you take some Tormentavena along with what your current tablets. A dose of 15 drops, twice a day after meals, of this herbal extract would be appropriate. It should be available from your local health food shop.


QHOW do tetanus jabs work? I had a course and was told to have a booster every 10 years, but a friend had just one jab and has been told she's covered for 10 years, too.

AFOR people who have never had a tetanus vaccine, the first course of injections involves three at intervals of a month, followed by a booster 10 years later, and another 10 years after that. These five injections should give lifelong protection.

Most children in this country get their five doses of vaccine by the age of 18 when they have their routine injections.


QI HAD the lower part of my right lung removed 18 months ago. I feel very breathless just walking about 50 yards. I am 70. Can you recommend anything?

ATRY taking some Echinaforce at a dose of 15 drops twice a day.


QI AM 65 and have high blood pressure, for which I take Adalat and Tenormin. Since the menopause, I have been greatly bothered by excess sweating. I also seem to take one cold after another. Can you help?

ATHE kitchen herb sage is an excellent remedy for excess sweating which has been used for many centuries. This is available as the preparation Salvia (Menosan) and should be taken at a dose of 15 drops twice a day. I am sure it will be particularly helpful. Be very careful with salt, which is still a very big enemy for those suffering high blood pressure.


QI'M a 69-year-old man and have developed tiny blood blisters over the front of my chest. Are they dangerous or is it safe to leave them alone?

ATHESE little blood spots, which can be multiple and look like tiny cherries, are called "Campbell de Morgan" spots. They are not signs of disease. They can burst and bleed if scratched or caught in clothing. Apply direct pressure until the bleeding stops.


Ringing in his ears so depressing for OAP

QI AM a 65-year-old man, who has had tinnitus for the past two years.

It is often more noticeable in quiet surroundings and can be so distracting and persistent, I can become extremely depressed.

Ear infection or wax has been ruled out. I'm a little dull in my left ear. My GP says it's my age. Is there any alternative medicine I can take?

ATHERE can be several reasons for tinnitus. Sometimes it can be due to dried up catarrh, a fungus or even a neck problem.

Most tinnitus problems can be helped by taking the preparation Ginkgo Biloba at a dose of 15 drops three times a day in half a cup of water before meals.

Also take one tablet of Hexaniacin last thing at night.

Hopefully these will relieve the ringing in your ears and the depression will also ease.


QMY husband, now 79, served six years in the army. For years, he was in good health. He has had a limp for a long time, but never went to a doctor until I insisted. He had an X-ray which revealed Paget's Disease of the bone. He suffers a lot of pain daily. Can you advise me if there is anything I can get to give him?

ATHIS is not an easy problem to treat but there is a preparation called Alchemilla Complex, available in health food shops. I think it would be very good for him. I would suggest 20 drops a day. I would also advise him to take some extra calcium. Urticalcin is an excellent absorbable calcium and he should take five tablets twice a day. These preparations will help him greatly and, please, keep looking after him the way you are doing.


QWHEN I stand up in the morning, I have severe pain in my ankles for five minutes. I'm 30, 5ft 4ins, quite active and weigh 13 stone. What could it be?

AIT sounds like fascitis - inflammation of the soft tissue of the foot, just under the heel. This causes pain just after getting out of bed in the morning and is relieved by walking around. It can also be helped by taking Nurofen and wearing insoles. Sometimes an injection in the heel is needed. You may be putting too much strain on your feet, as you are seriously overweight for your height. Get some advice on losing weight and have your feet measured for supportive soles.

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