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YOUR PROBLEMS: I've fallen for my lunchtime lover; LETTER OF THE DAY.

Byline: Miriam Stoppard

I'M a single mum-of-three aged 27 and live in a small village where they are building new houses, and I've fallen for one of the builders.

He's married with three children. He came in for a coffee and started kissing me.

I know I should have stopped but I really fancied him. He's so sexy and knows how to make love to a woman.

He now comes to see me every lunchtime and we end up having sex.

He keeps saying he loves his wife and children and is never going to leave them, but he's had two affairs before me, so he can't love her that much if he keeps cheating on her.

I told him last month I've started falling for him and he has feelings for me too.

His contract ends this month and he says he'll keep in touch but I don't think he will. He's started seeing me less already since I told him I loved him.

I know I should break away but when he comes round I can't help myself. What can I do?

I'D love to be able to say to you all your worries are groundless and this man will announce his undying devotion to you, leave his wife and children and move in with you immediately.

But I don't think this is likely to happen and, what's more, neither do you.

You know this guy is just using you for sex but you've allowed yourself to be swept along because the feeling is so good you just can't resist.

If only you could have approached this liaison in the same way as your lover - a non-serious bit of fun - youu wouldn't have ended up so hurt. I'm afraid I don't like the sound of your lover very much.

He's a married man with three children and yet thinks nothing of betraying his wife and using you. He doesn't mind who gets hurt in his quest for sexual gratification.

As a single mum of three, I suspect you get lonely. You must have been ripe and ready when this man came on the scene and he wasted no time in exploiting you.

I don't blame you for succumbing but I wish you'd concentrate on finding someone who will give back as much as you are prepared to give out.

I can't make you stop seeing this man, all I can do is advise. What you do next is up to you - but I hope you won't allow yourself to continue being used.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 20, 2003
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