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Byline: Kate Zuparko

Susie Coehlo style at a Mervyns near you

Susie Coelho always knew she wanted to design. She originally had an eye on fashion, but other projects - hosting HGTV's outdoor design shows ``Surprise Gardener'' and ``Outer Spaces'' and numerous television appearances sharing her home, garden and entertaining design savvy - sidetracked her. But the Los Angeles resident didn't forget her original dream.

``It's in my blood to design,'' she said.

With her love of design and substantial experience, it was ``a natural progression'' for her to launch a new venture - Susie Coelho Style, a modern bed, bath and dinnerware collection exclusively for Mervyns. The line is designed to give consumers a stylish and affordable way to decorate. While it may not be clothing, fashion still influences her designs.

``Fashion is about trying to get that sensibility of style and detail,'' Coelho said. ``These are things you find in fashion, not bedding. (This line) is designed to be different, not all the same.''

Details such as embroidery, sequins and applique are staples of her comforters, pillows and shams, which come in four collections, from the contemporary lavender and pink Aubergine Chic to exotic Lotus Flower in blue and wisteria. Cotton towels in 10 colors, lotion pumps, wastebaskets and other bath accessories make coordinating with the bedroom a breeze.

Coelho says the most important aspect is versatility. ``I want people to be able to change. Everything is designed with tons of options in mind.''

The bedding themes appeal to different lifestyles and personalities, and every collection - which includes comforter sets, coverlets, sheets for full- to king-size beds, throws, pillows and shams - comes in two complementary tones. Most pieces are reversible, so ``if you get bored with one side, just flip it over.'' The 16-piece ceramic dishware set comes in two-tone green, gray-blue, brown and khaki schemes that can be used separately or mixed.

This versatility, Coelho says, makes the collection affordable: Move a throw and some pillows from the bed to the couch to update the living room without buying more.

Coelho emphasizes that while everything goes together, it isn't ``perfectly matching.'' The black-and-taupe ``City Sophisticate'' bed collection, for instance, pairs floral and stripe patterns and smooth and textured fabrics.

``I'm always saying, 'I want more, we need more,' '' she said. But as much as creativity drives her, the customer is always in mind.

``We work so hard to get more and more value, both in money and style. I want people to buy the same way I buy - not frivolously. I'm a consumer, too.''

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