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YOU ARE: courageous, a leader, honest, confident, optimistic

STARS ALIGN WITH: You are charming but direct--and you appreciate that in others. When you have a crush, they know it. You connect with those who love adventure and share your can-do spirit.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Your Aries fire makes you a natural competitor, leading you to seek out other bright lights. Just make sure that shiny star is a match for *you*, not just, you know, your Insta feed.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and motivation, so you're all about spontaneity and fun surprises. Bring on the indoor skydiving!


YOU ARE: powerful, reliable, patient, devoted, consistent

STARS ALIGN WITH: You admire people with a strong point of view, so brilliant babes catch your eye. While you are cautious about crushes, you're all about a real connection--and you expect the same from them.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Hard-charging bulls love someone they can chill with, but be sure bae's lax ways don't extend to all aspects of their lives. Skipping class? See ya.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: Taurus is the sign most in touch with their senses. You love tasting new foods, seeing new places, hearing new bands--or just simply strolling in the early spring air, hand-in-hand with your sweetie.


YOU ARE: expressive, gentle, curious, thoughtful, adaptable

STARS ALIGN WITH: You're a natural risk-taker who looks for someone who shares your adventurous side. And if bae isn't as bold? They need to be able to keep up (and be able to handle both sides of your twin personality).

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Because Geminis are the most social sign, they often look for people just as fun and outgoing as they are. Just be sure the two of you have as much of a blast when you're solo as with your crew.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: While group dates are a no-brainer (bring on bowling night!), you also love trying new things, all while building bonds with your crush. Acroyoga, anyone?


YOU ARE: intuitive, sentimental, loyal, emotional, tenacious

STARS ALIGN WITH: Your love motto? Friends first. You need to get to know someone really, really well before even considering crushing.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Beware of shady sweeties. Players need not apply--you value trust too much. If your crush isn't cool with you being around their friends or pushes off making plans (as in the Valentine's Day dance is in four days and you're going...maybe?), cancel them, Crab.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: What might be basic to others is your idea of bliss. Plan an afternoon of bonding over cocoa at a cafe or just cuddling on the couch with your fave flick.


YOU ARE: a leader, dramatic, creative, generous, energetic

STARS ALIGN WITH: You love creative crushes who inspire you (and others) with their uniqueness. While you don't mind sharing the spotlight that always follows you, the truth is you prefer bae to be the president of *your* fan club.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Watch out for the hot 'n' cold crush. They go all out to make you feel special one day, and dust you the next. Plenty more cats in the jungle, Lion; pass this one by.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: What means the most to you isn't major plans, it's the little things: Hello texts during the day, a kiss on the cheek at lunch, hilarious GIFs before bed. Awww.


YOU ARE: detailed, loyal, kind, methodical, practical

STARS ALIGN WITH: Some say you are picky but you simply want (and deserve) the best. Smart sweeties always appeal--as long as they don't continuously remind you who scored higher on that bio pop quiz last week.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: You tend to go for emotional types who soak up your nurturing qualities. This can backfire if you end up with someone who doesn't give a lot in return.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: If bae brings you your fave pressed juice before your first class, saves you the last slice of vegan pizza or helps you hang your student council posters, they are a keeper. So thoughtful, just like you.


YOU ARE: peaceful, fair, cooperative, social, diplomatic

STARS ALIGN WITH: For you, it's all about being with someone who is the peanut butter to your chocolate. Whatever you love doing, you want them to be just as into it. Because sharing is caring, right?

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Because you are a romantic, you tend to get swept up in a crush--without seeing the warning signs. They claim to be flying solo but you heard they kinda have a GF? Run, girl, run.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: Fun loving Libras love to talk and laugh the day away. Catch a rom-com then chat it up over tacos afterward. It's so cute you'll forget to take 700 pics.


YOU ARE: assertive, calm, a leader, brave, social

STARS ALIGN WITH: Scorps can take care of themselves, but your perfect crush is someone who has your back. When you feel lost or unsure of yourself, bae should be there to make you feel like you can conquer anything.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Introspective Scorps love people puzzles. A brooding cutie you can't figure out? You're smitten. But after they've ghosted you yet again because they "like you too much," consider this mystery solved: They're just a jerk.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: You love outings that make you think. So check out an art show and dissect it over some dim sum.


YOU ARE: curious, energetic, extroverted, generous, funny, idealistic

STARS ALIGN WITH: You have big dreams: Your perfect bae is someone who supports you going for your goals (while helping you stay happy and grounded at the same time!).

THINK TWICE ABOUT: For always-social Sags, it's easy to fall under the spell of someone who is super fun. But life isn't always a party--and superficial sweeties won't be there for you when things get tough.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: While other signs just want their weekends off from learning stuff, Sags love it. So hit up the science center, try your hand at painting watercolors or catch a cooking class.


YOU ARE: practical, serious, careful, funny, patient, reserved

STARS ALIGN WITH: You'll do best with baes who respect your independence and support the fact you're working hard to create an amazing future for yourself (because, chances are, they're the exact same way).

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Players aren't welcome here. You don't suffer fools, so anyone who isn't sincere about their feelings for you has no place in your life. For Caps' walls to come down, there needs to be total trust.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: Capricorns like to keep things super chill. Pack a picnic then head to the park or go for a hike followed by a smoothie bowl break. Bliss!


YOU ARE: deep, intellectual, caring, original, optimistic

STARS ALIGN WITH: For you, starting out as friends is the key to your heart. You want someone to know all of your complexities and quirks (and accept them!) before they get close.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: As the most humanitarian and politically active sign, you are drawn to people who are as engaged in the world as you are. What could go wrong? They might guilt you into feeling you aren't doing as much to save the planet.

YOUR PERFECT DATE: Show your caring side by volunteering. Walking shelter pups or stocking the food pantry together will bring you two closer (and help those in need).


YOU ARE: artistic, kind, intuitive, dreamy, musical, wise

STARS ALIGN WITH: It's no secret you're the most emotional sign, Pisces, and your mood can shift fast. You want someone who can take you as you are and accept your very kaleidoscopic feelings.

THINK TWICE ABOUT: You love creative types, which can be a lot of fun. But if someone is always looking for you to rehearse their lines and never offering the same support? Pass!

YOUR PERFECT DATE: No surprise that Pisces loves water. Since it's not exactly beach season RN, hit an indoor water park instead or check out the aquarium. Your fish self will feel right at home.
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