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32 14.09.2018 YOUR HOROSCOPE WITH JustinToper DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20 CAPRICORN You may have an adventurous spirit. Not that various individuals share your sense of wanderlust. Perhaps they're just more settled than you. Either way, with the Sun close to Mercury on Friday, it's presumed you can't cope with reality and are focused on some far horizon. Is this true? For weekly readings call 09036 5820 01 (75p/min + access charge) JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19 AQUARIUS Mars in Aquarius is uncomfortably close to your ruler Uranus prior to midweek.

And it may seem as though you are being squeezed into a corner of your own home. After which, you should be relishing the opportunity to do something far more rewarding-and you can afford to do so.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 02 (75p/min + access charge) PISCES FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 20 What is proposed is quite romantic. Though, it could mean changing your life in order to be with someone. No wonder, you are in a state of panic. The Sun is close to Mercury on Friday. Before you do anything dramatic, try to sit down and have a frank discussion.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 03 (75p/min + access charge) ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 Your ambitions may be sensible and achievable, but don't be surprised if at times life has a nasty habit of taking us on a carnival ride. So concentrate on what your priorities are at the moment. Then far from being helpless, by Friday, you should be in the driving seat.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 04 (75p/min + access charge) TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 You may have fallen madly or blindly in love. Of course, deeply is better, and you don't want to rush into anything like some teenage crush. The Sun is close to Mercury on Friday. Only then will you see with any clarity, and hopefully the emotional turmoil will have subsided.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 05 (75p/min + access charge) GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 Most Gemini's are fiercely protective of their independence. So why are you thinking of co-habiting? Whether you live in a bedsit or mansion, you may feel the need to escape. Things should seem less bleak later this week. You should have no reservations about setting up home.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 06 (75p/min + access charge) CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 You couldn't wish for a better time to start making plans. You're certainly in the process of finding your own path. All you have to do is keep your brain from interfering and let your instincts do the talking. What happens later this week should make up for any near-misses.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 07 (75p/min + access charge) LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 Love is a risky business. Maybe, someone wants their pound of flesh? True, you could say 'I'll see you in court'! Chances are, they will beg for forgiveness, and you can spend the money you save on a fabulous holiday. Either way, you should profit from your experiences this week.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 08 (75p/min + access charge) VIRGO AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 22 You should be enthusiastic about the future. What you're planning has been blooming in your emotional heartland forever. You may have a difficult decision that you cannot face. However, the Sun close to Mercury in Virgo on Friday signifies there is no time like the present.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 09 (75p/min + access charge) LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 23 There is many extraverted, risk-taking Librans. And yet, you may have suffered a setback which has left you in shock. Try to relax and take stock. Once the Sun enters Libra at the end of the week you will have all your confidence back. Life is what you make it.

For weekly readings call 09036 5820 10 (75p/min + access charge) SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22 The accent is on friendships. Friends you share, those you tolerate, and others you just keep quiet about. No doubt, there will be an occasion to rub shoulders and have fun. The Sun close to Mercury on Friday denotes a rather different event-and where is your invitation? For weekly readings call 09036 5820 11 (75p/min + access charge) SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21 At first, you may have been thrilled to be the focus of attention, but recently it has lost its allure. Either way, you could find yourself in a lofty position later in the week, no matter the personal cost. Is this a fabulous opportunity, or an albatross around your neck? For weekly readings call 09036 5820 12 (75p/min + access charge) Text my Spiritual Advisors TEXT 'TOPER' + YOUR QUESTION 61011 Messages sent are charged at standard network rate.

Replies cost PS1 per message with max 3 replies.

Call my Spiritual Advisors PAY BY CARD PAY BY PHONE BILL 0330 880 1016 Standard network rate. PS30 = 20 minutes.

0903 668 1016 Calls cost PS1.50 per min, plus network access charge.

Terms and Conditions: All services are 18+ and for entertainment purposes. You may receive free promotional messages, opt out by sending STOPALL to 61011. SP: Allstar Psychics Ltd.

Helpdesk: 0208 712 7884 or Phone Pay Plus regulated.
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Publication:Dumfries and Galloway Standard (Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
Date:Sep 14, 2018
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