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YOUR GARDEN: DESIGN IT A perfumed paradise.

Byline: Edited by Adrienne Wild

CREATE a changing fragrant evergreen backdrop to your flowerbeds with climbers.

Use Akebia quinata to densely clothe a south- or west-facing trellis fence with attractive, divided leaves. It has scented maroon flowers in early summer, and after hot weather like this year's they are followed by fleshy, sausage-shaped, chocolate-coloured fruits. Partner with a skirt of chocolate scented Cosmos atrosaguineus, a 2ft tall hardy perennial with mahogany coloured flowers in summer.

TO decoratively divide your garden plant Clematis armandii along the top rail of a trellis screen or rope swags so the lance-shaped leaves hang like curtains. In early spring they are festooned with almond-scented saucer-shaped white flowers. For a heavier weight of summer-flowering curtain plant Dorothy Perkins roses with yards of late-flowering clematis. For a peep-through curtain between "rooms" plant a panel with Clematis cirrhosa, which has dainty foliage and small, cup-shaped flowers in late winter, with the bonus of attractive seed heads after flowering.

TO give a sunspot special treatment, make a secret enclosure using wall shrubs with distinctive smells such as the pineapple-scented Cytisus battandieri, jasmine-scented Drymis winteri, and vanilla-scented Stachyurus praecox, plus the lemon-scented Lippia citriodora. Check your soil type before planting, as drymis needs acid conditions. Be prepared to use a fleecy curtain to protect all but the cytisus in winter.

Boost the invigorating effect of this summer-flowering plant aroma by planting pockets with lemon balm or Melissa officianalis, an aromatic herb with textured apple-green leaves that releases a refreshing lemony smell when touched. Lemon balm will also thrive in cracks in paving.


SCENTED: Akebia quinata
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 3, 2003
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