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ALMOST half of us admit we would worry more about having a credit card rejected in public than being dumped by a date.

Research by credit report firm Noddle also shows applying for credit gives more than two-thirds the heebie-jeebies as we worry we will be turned down.

More than one in 10 questioned thought they couldn't get a card and the same number worried about applying for one and affecting their credit score if they were declined.

Almost half admitted spending less than 30 minutes checking their finances, as against threequarters who said they had spent up to four hours preparing for just one date.

But maybe we should all start showing our credit score a little more affection.

Only around one in eight of us has ever bothered to check our credit report - something that should be done regularly, like checking bank accounts and credit card statements.

At the very least, you should look at it before you apply for any credit - loan, credit card, mortgage, mobile phone contract - because it is vital to know where you stand.

FRAUD DANGER Not only is there a risk of mistakes from lenders, who supply all the information on your financial record to credit agencies, there's also the danger from everincreasing financial fraud. Early warning signs that you have become a victim of fraud are rogue credit applications and activity on your credit file.

Each time you apply for credit there is a trace left on your credit report. If you get turned down and make multiple applications it can damage your score.

It will start alarm bells ringing with potential lenders and mean you keep getting rejected.

Jacqueline Dewey, managing director of Noddle, said: "Our aim is to ensure people have a wealth of information available to them before they start a meaningful relationship with a new credit card.

"Nobody wants to feel rebuffed, and by finding out your credit score via Noddle we can show you which credit cards are likely to accept you before you even apply - meaning there's no adverse impact on your credit report."

So make sure you start checking your score from now on - there's really no excuse as you can do it for free.

You can get access via, and

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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 5, 2016
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