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YOUR BODY: Health monitor; To keep you firing on all wotsits, we've sorted the good from the bad and the frankly bonkers.

Byline: Text by Nathalie Gibbins.

M tests: calcium supplements Less than half of us get our RDA of 800mg. So how can you boost yours?

Holland & Barrett High Strength Calcium Plus Vitamin D, pounds 3.99 for 60. Calcium per tablet: 600mg

Contains calcium carbonate, the less absorbable form, so best taken with meals, and gives 75% of the RDA. Provides 60% of the Vitamin D RDA (to aid calcium absorption). 2/5

Seven Seas Once-a-Day Chewable Calcium Plus Vitamin D, pounds 2.99 for 30. Calcium per capsule: 400mg

Although these taste delish and have the full RDA of Vitamin D, they contain only half the RDA of calcium and include unhealthy additives and hydrogenated vegetable oil. 1/5

Solgar Calcium Magnesium Citrate, pounds 6.25 for 50. Calcium per pill: 1,000mg

Contains calcium citrate and 500mg of magnesium, another important mineral for bones and teeth. Will provide you with 125% of the RDA for calcium and 167% of the RDA of magnesium. 4/5

Lane Lab's 3A Calcium Ultra, pounds 29.95 for 120 (mail order: 0870-850 2500). Calcium per capsule: 1,000mg

Easy-to-aborb calcium ascorbate and citrate are mixed with body-friendly sea algae. Also includes bone nutrients including 600mg of magnesium, but no Vitamin D. 4/5

M's choice Biocare Calcidophilus, pounds 13.25 for 90 (0121-433 3727). Calcium per three-capsule dose: 1,260mg

A slow-release version, including bioavailable calcium ascorbate and calcium carbonate, utilising tummy-friendly acidophilus bacteria to improve overall calcium absorption. 5/5

Boots Calcium and Vitamin D, pounds 2.70 for 60. Calcium per capsule: 800mg

These tablets contain the more easily absorbed calcium citrate and they do meet the RDA. However, they've thrown in a few other less appealing ingredients - including hydrogenated vegetable oil. 3/5
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2003
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