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YOU SAY; DEAR COLEEN; Ireland's most straight-talking problem page.

Byline: Coleen Nolan

"The letter from the man with a grown-up son who is bleeding him dry financially sounds similar to my situation (Dear Coleen, August 21).

I too have a 34-year-old son who only ever got in touch when he wanted something. It became a standing joke if he called - I'd just say "how much?"

Two years ago, he and his partner lived with us free for 10 months to save for a deposit on a house and then he asked me for [euro]11,000. He's since fallen out with me over Brexit and we haven't seen him since, even though I didn't vote in the end!

I'd advise your reader to stop giving his son money. Some people are just takers and sadly that can be true of our own kids. Name and address withheld

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 25, 2016
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