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YOU ARE GETTING VERY, VERY CREEPY; You're getting creepy..


TOP Ulster hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist thought he had come across just about every phobia under the sun during more than 15 years in practice.

Then a young woman walked into his treatment centre and revealed her lifelong fear.....of PLASTIC SPIDERS!

"It was a new one on me," admitted Alan. "She had no fear of real spiders, but shook uncontrollably when she saw or came in contact with a plastic toy one."

Through counselling and hypnosis, Alan had helped thousands of people conquer the most bizarre fears.

They have included journalists with a fear of long words - and even politicians whose legs turned to jelly at the thought of public speaking.

Some people are terrified of undressing in front of their partners, and one man went to pieces every time he heard the sound of bagpipes.

"There are over 600 different phobias and for those who are affected it is no laughing matter," said Alan.

They can range from a fear of being robbed (harpaxophobia) to a fear of looking upwards (anablephobia). Some people fear their mother-in-law (penthraphobia), while others are terrified of marriage (gamaphobia).

Phobias normally take about four or five sessions to overcome.

Alan, whose hypnotherapy centre is in on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, also helps people to give-up smoking and deal with insomnia.


ALAN GILCHRIST: This phobia was a new one to me!
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 19, 2001
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