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'I'm really not as young as that' JUNE Robertson must have misheard me when I told her how long I'd been playing the sax because in the article ("Music was Ray's first love" - RW 104) it should have read "after 60 years".

Some people that I have worked with will get a laugh as they will all think they are 10 years out of sync! I think the article is great, it makes me feel 65 again instead 75.

- RAY DALES Told off for meeting my mother from work ON reading RW 102 I saw the photograph of the women who worked in the steelworks during the war on page 11. There were 13 people named on the back row, which was all of them except one, who was my mam Nellie Robson. One time I went to meet her coming home along the Forty Foot Road I was given a right telling off and told not to go down there again. Interesting.

- SYLVIA FORREST (nee Robson), Middlesbrough Corporation buses and their lettering system IN RW 100 there was a letter from Dave Middleton about the Casebourne's bus service from Middlesbrough. I think this was a works service to ICI Billingham. I wonder who can remember the Corporation buses and their lettering system? These used to run from Exchange Place and the Town Hall, here are a few examples, which might bring back memories.

A - ran to Acklam B - to Brookfield C - to Grove Hill via Marton Road D - to Grove Hill via Linthorpe Road E - to Brambles Farm F - to Thorntree (I think!) G - can any one remember? H - to Marton Village every half hour. J - to Grove Hill via Keith Road K - to Grove Hill via Marton Road L - Link bus between Ormesby and Brookfield M - from Linthorpe to the Transporter Bridge N - to Berwick Hills O - North Ormesby to Norton. This ran about every three minutes and it cost 3d from Middlesbrough to Norton.

P - Brambles Farm? R - to Saltersgill via Marton Road S - to Seamer T - Tollesby Y - Thorntree? Z - to Park End via Marton Road and Ladgate Lane I may not be absolutely 100% correct and there are a few I am not sure about but I do not think I am far off the mark.

- RAY BUXTON, Stockton
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 7, 2012
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