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YOU'RE DEAD SON; Ruthless gang boss `Cotton Eye' Joe Delaney puts out pounds 10,000 contract on his jailed boy.

MURDERING drug dealer Joe Delaney has given the order for his own son to be slaughtered.

Scott Delaney, 23, who is serving life for conspiracy to murder, has been moved to Arbour Hill Prison from Mountjoy for protection from his father and is now being caged alongside rapists and child molesters.

Mountjoy sources said they received information that 54-year-old Joe "Cotton Eye" Delaney had put a pounds 10,000 contract out for the murder of Scott, who acted as a state witness against his father at a murder trial in April.

The trial caused a sensation as a gang of drug dealers imploded in recrimination and treachery as each testified against the other.

After his father's con- viction, Scott was put in Arbour Hill for fear of reprisal.

Rapists and paedophiles are held in Arbour Hill as their crimes are unacceptable to ordinary criminals

But now Scott, who himself is serving a life sentence for his part in a murder committed by his father, is in fear of his father's retribution.

Friends who visit the younger Delaney regularly say he is living in mortal fear.

A senior Garda involved in the murder investigation said: "It was best to get the younger Delaney out for his own safety. Joe Delaney is one of the most brutal people I've come across and nobody - not even his son - is safe from him."

Cotton Eye Delaney's 23-day trial made legal history as it was the first time a conviction was secured for a gangland killing in an Irish court.

Delaney, the self-confessed leader of a Dublin drug empire, tortured and murdered his lowly lieutenant, Mark Dwyer, 23, on December 14, 1996 after a drugs haul went missing.

The judge described the case as one of the most gruesome to ever come before the courts. He said Delaney was guilty of a "particularly foul and evil crime of unspeakable savagery".

Delaney Jnr, who is serving life for his part in the murder, gave the most damning evidence against his father

On the night of the murder Scott Delaney was told to bring Mark Dwyer to a house in Foster Terrace, Ballybough, in north inner city Dublin.

Joe Delaney, who headed up a multi-million pound empire dealing in drugs, had decided that Dwyer was responsible for the disappearance of 40,000 ecstasy tablets.

Masked and armed men burst into the house in Ballybough, bound and gagged Dwyer and fled the scene, along with Scott, in a black BMW.

They took Dwyer and Scott Delaney to Cotton Eye's house in La Rochelle, Naas, Co Kildare. When they arrived the gang leader was already "freaked", according to his son.

He had been drinking whiskey and snorting large amounts of cocaine. His paranoia had been increased by the drug use and he now believed that there was a conspiracy against him.

Witnesses at the trial said he believed that the people who stole the drugs "wanted to tidy up a loose end and kill" him.

Wielding a baseball bat he ordered Dwyer to be brought into the main bedroom where he was handcuffed with a bag placed over his head.

He was then tortured for more than three hours with a claw hammer and iron bars.

Scott Delaney testified to seeing the carpet being torn up and dumped because the amount of blood that had gushed on to it.

Dwyer screamed for mercy for more than three hours but did not make a confession.

While Joe Delaney carried out the torture he regularly stopped to snort lines of cocaine and take a few drinks of whiskey.

He kept playing the M People song Search For A Hero over and over in an attempt to drown out the screams of his victim.

It didn't work as the sounds of torture could be heard all over the house.

Eventually, Dwyer and Scott were taken to a remote field near Finglas in north Dublin. Mark Dwyer was shot in the back of the head.

With chilling callousness Delaney had his own son beaten up and left beside Dwyer's body in an attempt to throw cops of the scent.

The younger Delaney's life was spared on this occasion but things were soon to change.

Scott Delaney was immediately taken into custody, where he has remained since.

He was found guilty on conspiracy to murder charges and false imprisonment of Mark Dwyer, and sentenced to life. Joe Delaney later received a life sentence.

He is already believed to have been involved in an attack on a prisoner in Mountjoy.

Joe Delaney has a history of convictions, including running a brothel, common assault and drink-driving.

He is separated and has three children.

He worked for 23 years as a production manager in Cadbury's chocolate factory before getting involved in the taxi business.

Murder victim Dwyer was himself deeply involved in Dublin's criminal underworld and had a history of savage violence.

An Ecstasy dealer, he is alleged to have assisted in the murder of criminal Jock Corbally, whose teeth had been extracted with pliers.

But on the matter of his horrific gangland execution, Scott Delaney and some other associates believe that Dwyer had not acted treacherously against crime boss Cotton Eye.
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Author:Lee, John
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 1, 1999
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