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YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED: Le chic & le freak go shopping.

Byline: Sarah Ivens

Penelope Cruz: Girls really are the same all around the world. It seems there's nothing women like better than shopping with our mums for pot plants and underwear. Take young Penners, for example. We may think of her as an ultra-hot chick who's off copulating with heart-throbs and making glamorous movies, but really she's just like you and me and drags her mum and bezzie mate Ryan (Christian Slater's wife) out to shop `til they drop. The only difference

is, she manages to maintain an element of je ne sais quoi. After hours on her feet, she still looks bloomin' marvellous.

Kelly Osbourne

I t's just as well her dad Ozzy loves his kids regardless of insanity in the family, because young Kelly's definitely mad. Her only concession to normality is a passing interest in colour co-ordinating her clothes - well her hair and shoes - but the rest has gone to pot. Horizontal stripes are never a good idea unless you're a stick insect, yet the 17-year-old sports a variety of lines. Maybe her gun-wielding brother knocked the last bit of fashion sense out of her during their last play fight. Or perhaps, being more Brummie bird than Hollywood heart- stopper, she doesn't give a stuff. But Kel, having a superstar dad won't help you launch a music career if you look like a bag lady. Ditch the plastic, p'raps.


`Yez, dis leeedle, leeedle plant will give Tom sonthin to hide behine when we play hide en seek '; `I don't like funfairs, last time I went to one a child thought I was candyfloss and tried to lick my head'; `Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Nope, I can only manage to blow one note on this bottle'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2002
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