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YOU'RE ON CANINE CAMERA; Pet ban woman filmed at dog sale.


A WOMAN banned from keeping animals for 10 years has been caught on camera helping to sell puppies from her Midland home.

Marcia Jones was filmed by undercover reporters at her house in Whitchurch, Shropshire, taking part in the sale of a Dachshund for pounds 750.

Yet four years ago she was given a suspended jail sentence and a ban, which runs until 2011, for causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

A court heard how a colt belonging to Jones was found dying in a field and another horse was emaciated.

Her Jack Russell terrier also had a broken leg which went untreated and which had to be amputated.

BBC programme Inside Out will tomorrow claim that Jones had placed a string of adverts offering dogs for sale.

An undercover reporter posed as a potential buyer and taped a telephone call with Jones, discussing the sale.

The programme also features a secret video recording of the undercover reporter and an RSPCA vet collecting a Dachshund puppy from her home.

During the initial telephone conversation, Jones claimed her name was Mrs Furber - her common-law husband's surname. Once in the house, Jones is coyabout her true identity and a second woman at the house actually handles the sale of the puppy, which she claims is nine weeks old.

However, it is Jones who has the answers when the reporter wants to know about the dog's vaccinations, Kennel Club certificates and a receipt for the sale.

Vets who later assessed the pup concluded it should not havebeen sold as it was closer to six weeks old - and may therefore have been missing some vaccinations.

They also accuse Jones of making no effort to find out what sort of house the potential buyers had, or whether they had had a dog in the past.

When the Inside Out reporter eventually confronts Jones, she refuses to comment. But she later claims she did not answer the phone to the BBC reporter and was not the owner of the puppy.

The RSPCA says it now wants greater powers to keep checks on, and take action against, those who may have breached bans.

Bosses have warned prospective dog owners to beware of dishonest and cruel puppy breeders.

They are urging people to buy their pets from a registered rescue centre, following recent reports that animals are being sold from the back of vans in the West Midlands.

Inside Out will be screened tomorrow night on BBC1 at 7.30pm


IN THE FRAME: Marcia Jones was filmed by undercover reporters aiding a puppy sale - four years after receiving a pet ban
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 18, 2005
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