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Lunchtime scrub upPart one

HANDS up if your belly lurches at the thought of baring your bod this summer. If your tummy's less than trim, we'll help you strip off those winter layers with confidence.

Vital has the perfect guide to get you ready for summer. Every day for the next two weeks, you're going to take an hour out to give yourself an MOT - gradually.

Every one of our treatments can fit into your lunch hour, so there's no excuse for not starting today.

There are three parts to our plan - eating, exercise and beauty. If you stick to it, you could lose up to 7lbs in a fortnight. We've teamed up with WeightWatchers for a menu to boost your energy. Each day you have a different lunch to pack for work.

On the exercise front, we'll focus on the problem areas women lose sleep over - 10 minutes before bed or after getting up shouldn't be too much to sweat over.

For beauty, follow our advice and you'll be groomed to perfection. Try to find a hair and beauty salon that is a 10-minute walk or 10-minute drive from work to allow 40 minutes of pampering in your lunch hour.

Shopping for all the food you need for the week is a must so the temptation to detour from your diet is reduced. Our two five-day eating plans fit in with your working week. If a treatment every day seems excessive, pick two or three.



Treatment: Massage.

Ease in with a massage to relieve muscles and help eliminate toxins. Resist alcohol, tea, coffee or chocolate for 24 hours after. Lorraine Sloan, of Angels Beauty Therapy, Glasgow, said: "Aromatherapy oils flush out the system. Grapefruit, juniper berry or lavender are ideal. A Swedish massage will oxygenate the body and increase energy. Expect to pay pounds 25-pounds 30 for 45 minutes.


Treatment: Hair trim.

A QUICK snip can restore life and shine to a grown-out style. Karen Lindie, senior stylist at Alan Edwards, Glasgow, said: "People don't take stylists' advice about getting a hair cut every six weeks, but they should to get rid of split ends, stop new ones forming and encourage shine and growth." Today's trim will get your hair ready for next week's deep-conditioning treatment.


Treatment: Facial.

Cold winds and central heating are just two things that dull complexion. This week's facial cleans and exfoliates. Lorraine said: "A deep-cleansing facial will blitz dead skin, with double cleansing, exfoliating and a deep- cleansing mask." Expect to pay pounds 20-pounds 25 for 45 minutes.


Treatment: Pedicure

TATTY tootsies were revealed last month as the Spring heat took us by surprise. But a little effort saves embarrassment. Christine Hollingworth, of Cuticles Nail Design, Glasgow, offers two pedicures. The basic (pounds 12.50) takes 40 minutes while a luxury version (pounds 18.50), including foot and leg massage, takes an hour. Christine said: "The feet are soaked and dead skin removed. Nails are trimmed and buffed. Polish makes them look really pampered."


Treatment: Body exfoliation & wax back treatment.

Exfoliation and moisturising treatment will get your skin ready for next week's fake tan. Lorraine said: "Warm paraffin wax is left to set and peeled off, for glowing, smooth skin. It encourages better circulation and helps clear spots. The rest of the body is exfoliated with a body scrub. Prices start at around pounds 25 for 30 minutes.

lCuticles Nail Design, 113 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 357 0020

lAlan Edwards Salon, 56-58 Wilson Street, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 552 5282.

l Angels Beauty Salon, 2260 Great Western Road, Glasgow. Tel: 0781-754- 3526.


Our WeightWatchers diet is based on an 18 points-a-day plan, with three- point breakfast, five-point lunch and an eight-point dinner. You're allowed a pint of skimmed milk or half-pint of semi-skimmed milk and a 100g pot of low-fat plain yoghurt a day.

Have eight glasses of water and five portions of fruit and veg a day plus one of these two-point treats: 175ml glass of wine, 30 pistachio nuts, small banana and medium pear, two measures (25ml) spirits (gin, rum, whisky, tequila, vodka), 22g bag Walkers French Fries, 20 cashew nuts, 22g bag of Maltesers, one WeightWatchers chocolate brownie, 28g bag Walkers Lites, a Walls Solero Citrus or Exotic, Mullerlight Mousse, Weight Watchers Flapjack, apple, or one WeightWatchers Cheese Dipper with Breadstick.


Breakfast: Medium grapefruit and low-cal sweetener, thick wholemeal toast spread thinly with Marmite or one tsp low-fat spread, 100g low-fat natural yoghurt and100ml glass of orange juice.

Lunch: Tin of one-point WeightWatchers From Heinz soup, medium roll, 200g honeydew and 250g galia melon, chopped.

Dinner: Three fish fingers, 100g oven chips, two tbs baked beans, 250g watermelon.


Breakfast: 20g honey roast ham, medium poached egg, medium slice wholemeal toast, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes.

Lunch: Medium roll with mustard and 60g wafer-thin ham. Green salad with fat/ oil-free dressing, two Jaffa Cakes, apple.

Dinner: Five-point WWFH or WW Ready Meal, 212g can WW Rice Pudding with two tps low-cal jam.


Breakfast: Toffee Mullerlight in blender with medium banana.

Lunch: Medium bagel, two tbs reduced-fat soft cheese, cherry tomatoes, shredded

lettuce and cucumber. Kiwi fruit.

Dinner: 170g (cooked) lean gammon steak, grilled, fresh slice pineapple, grilled, 60g mash, steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower.


Breakfast: 300g Branflakes/ Cornflakes/ Fruit'n'Fibre, milk from daily allowance, medium wholemeal toast with Marmite, 100ml apple juice.

Lunch: WeightWatchers Pasta Salad with Sun Dried Tomato and Mozzarella, banana

Dinner: 60g (dried) pasta with three grilled turkey rashers chopped, steamed spinach and nutmeg. Meringue nest filled with Mullerlight Mousse, 125ml wine.


Breakfast: Grapefruit and orange in segments with 100g cherries. Medium wholemeal toast with Marmite or low-fat spread.

Lunch: Jar of Doritos Dippas Salsa with celery, peppers, cucumber, cauliflower and baby sweetcorn for dipping, nine Kallo Thin Breadsticks Original, 500ml Lipton Ice Tea, one tea biscuit.

Dinner: Three slices roast chicken, two roast potatoes, one tbs bread sauce, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, gravy from three tsp powder, one portion of sugar-free jelly, WWFH vanilla yoghurt and 125ml wine.

lFor your nearest WeightWatchers class, call 08457 123 000.
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