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YOLOCAUST: New Web Site Satirizes the Misuse of One of the Most Iconic Holocaust Memorials.

If you ever feel like losing faith in humanity, pay a visit to Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Just a block from the iconic Brandenburg gate and consisting of 2,711 black concrete stelae, architect Peter Eisenman's creation is a stark testament to the Holocaust's incomprehensible gravity. Walking through the labyrinthine warren of sloping, stone slabs, visitors are meant to pause and contemplate the confusion and fear that the memorial's eponymous victims felt as they were taken from their homes, herded into ghettos and shipped off in cattle cars to the death camps.

At the memorial, you'll lose your faith in humanity not because of its somber evocation of Nazi depravitythat isn't exactly newsbut in reaction to how your fellow humans behave. On any given day, visitors at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe will pose for intricately-staged selfies, play hide-and-go-seek, andtypically dreary Berlin weather permittingsunbathe. And it isn't just tourists who participate in this ritual desecration; EasyJet once published an eight-page fashion editorial in its in-flight magazine that featured models posing throughout the memorial.

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Author:Kirchick, James
Publication:Tablet Magazine
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Date:Jan 20, 2017
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