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RIHANNA isn't the only one who enjoys Corona beer.

Many beer fans say there's nothing to beat a chilled bottle of Corona, drunk straight out of the bottle with a wedge of lemon, naturally. But now this very combination is being blamed for a new skin condition called " Mexican beer dermatitis". Reported in the Archives of Dermatology , the condition is said to result from the splashing of the lime- beer mixture on the skin.

Beer's carbonation leaves a person particularly susceptible, as pressing the wedge of lemon into the open bottle can cause an unexpected bubbly overspill.

Dermatologists say that a compound called Psoralen is to blame, as this increases the skin's vulnerability to UV rays. When it hits the healthy skin in patches, it causes discolouration.

Apparently the problem is especially acute for people lounging on sunny beaches as the sunshine aggravates the skin inflammation. So all lovers of Corona may need to pour their beer into a tall glass instead of drinking it straight out of the bottle. That way you can enjoy it, lime and all.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Oct 24, 2010
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