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YEMEN - The Middle East Non-OPEC Decision Makers - Part 6.

The political system in Yemen is gradually stabilising after nearly a decade of uncertainty through much of the 1990s. The government has been fairly pragmatic in its decision making although power struggles among ministers and officials can often affect the way a decision is implemented. There are capable technocrats within the regime, but non-technical issues influence the decisions taken.

The process of decision making for the petroleum sector in the country is elaborate and can be cumbersome. Decisions and approvals have to pass from the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources to the Supreme Council in charge of the sector. From there, they are moved to the cabinet and then to parliament. No contract for E&P or for a downstream project is ratified at the top unless it has been approved by parliament. Within the ministry itself, decisions or agreements have to pass through departments and committees before they reach the minister.

A cabinet reshuffle occurred in early May after Abdel Qader Bajammal was appointed as Prime Minister, replacing Abdel Karim Al Iryani who reportedly stepped down for health reasons after three years as prime minister. Bajammal brought in Rashid Saleh Baraba' (or Ba Rabba) as Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (see profiles on following pages).
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Date:Jun 25, 2001
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