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Yamaha Systems Technology, Inc., San Jose, Calif., has announced that the Yamaha YM-ISDN2, a production-ready reference design for Windows '95 PCs, has passed the European Telecommunication Standard System Conformance Test at TUV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH, a testing laboratory accredited by the Federal Office for Post and Telecommunications (BAPT).

The Yamaha YM-ISDN2 now conforms to the technical standards in all major market segments, including Europe, North America and Japan.

The YM-ISDN2 is an ISA Plug-and-Play add-on board which includes Yamaha's YTD423 single chip ISDN BRI Controller and the INFOLink ISDN software for YM-ISDN2, from Link Technology.

The board is a complete manufacturing package for hardware design that includes specifications, schematics, layout pattern diagrams and Gerber files. All TCP/IP applications are compatible with the new YM-ISDN2, including full internet and intranet access.

YM-ISDN2 can be used for browsing the Web at 128Kbps and for remote PC-to-PC communication through Windows 95 dial-up-networking. When combined with a video board, the YM-ISDN2 can be used for internet video conferencing. When a POTS interface is added, it can be used as an analog communication terminal. The B-channel transparent transmission function allows for the addition of PC telephony functions.

The board is plug-and-play to allow ease of use and fast time-to-market.

"When considering use of this reference design, the manufacturer can work with confidence that the end product will be compatible with standards in Europe, Japan and North America," said Iraj Zarrinnaal, communications product manager at Yamaha Systems Technology, Inc. "In addition, the designer will find that because of its versatility and flexibility, this ISDN reference board is very easy to work with."

"Link Technology is pleased to support the YM-ISDN2 adapter with our internationally proven INFOLink ISDN software technology," said Jeffrey Ramsey, president of Link Technology. "We are excited about the large market potential for the YM-ISDN2-based products."

YM-ISDN2 Features The YM-ISDN2 is Windows 95 compatible and comes in two versions: one with an ISDN S/T interface for Europe and Japan, and another with an integrated NT1 for the U.S. market. The same printed circuit board is used with the S/T or NT1 stuffing options.

The YTD423, the heart of the board, is Yamaha's high performance LSI for ISDN BRI user network interface function that includes Layer 1, Layer 2 and HDLC for 2 B-channels.

YTD423 meets ITU-T standards and supports both ETSI and ANSI operating modes. It has multiframing, multi-link and leased-line capability and offers two data transfer modes: DMA and FIFO I/O.

The software from Link Technology is INFOLink ISDN for YM-ISDN2 V2.0. It includes an NDIS WAN Miniport driver for Windows 95 including the ISDN Layer 3 stack supporting worldwide ISDN switches such as AT&T 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS-100, National ISDN-1/2, NTT INS net64 and Euro-ISDN DSS1.

Availability The YM-ISDN2 reference design is available now. Information on YM-ISDN2 can be accessed on YST's web page at

Yamaha Systems Technology Inc. was founded to manufacture and market integrated circuits, board level products and complete systems to OEMs and Distributors. The product line includes multimedia audio, graphics and communications products, as well as custom and semicustom ASICs, and CD-RW products.

Link Technology was founded in 1989 to provide technology components and consulting services to the digital telecommunication market. Link Technology's range of specialized telecommunication technology products form a basis for applications in industries such as Education, Hospital, Insurance, Financial, Government and Small Professional.

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