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Y2K report card.

Some companies may have greatly underestimated the scope of their Y2K computer problems, according to a study by Weiss Ratings Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., a provider of Y2K readiness ratings. Some companies receiving a "below average" rating for their Y2K readiness include PepsiCo and ConAgra. Although not given a rating, Kroger, Cincinnati, Ohio, is reported to have boosted its Y2K budget 158%, to $80 million. Other companies, however, have reported significant reductions in their Y2K budgets, although many of these had increased budgets in the past.

"Estimating Y2K fix-it costs has been touch-and-go for many companies," says Martin Weiss, founder and chairman of Weiss Ratings. "Often, the more bugs they fix, the more they find. The net result is that some of these companies are falling even further behind in their Y2K remediation schedules."

Giant Food, Landover, Md., is trying to get the word out about its readiness with Y2K Consumer Brochures available at al the chain's stores. The brochures detail Giant's Y2K preparation efforts, such as anticipating potential increased demand for certain products that consumers may buy in mass quantities, working with international suppliers and encouraging pharmacies to cooperate with drug manufacturers to ensure a steady supply line. Giant encourages consumers to access their emergency supplies in the fall to avoid frantic stockpiling come December. The company's Food Keeper brochure also offers information on the shelf life of various foods.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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