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Xyratex Extends Range of Notebook-Based Fibre Channel Test Solutions to Provide Four Channels of Analysis and Traffic Generation in a Single Compact Unit.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 4, 2001

Xyratex adds new FS series to its successful Notebook Investigator

range providing four channels of protocol analysis and traffic

generation in a compact and cost-effective notebook package aimed

at the growing Fibre Channel Field Service market

Xyratex, a global leader in network infrastructure technology, announced today a new range of highly portable add-on test modules for its pioneering Notebook Investigator product range.

The new Xyratex FS series adds multi-channel protocol analysis and traffic generation capability to the Notebook Investigator range of portable Fibre Channel test and analysis solutions.

"The new Xyratex FS products bring a different dimension to the Fibre Channel test equipment market" said Nigel Brownlow, Director of Marketing and Product Management, Xyratex Storage Networking Division. "The new range introduces features that were previously available only in much bulkier lab-based configurations and reinforces Notebook Investigator's reputation as a highly portable and cost-effective solution for field service applications."

Two models make up the new FS line providing 1Gbps and 2Gbps operation and each is available in multiple configurations to meet individual requirements. A simple upgrade path is provided from 1Gbps to 2Gbps operation so users can choose the optimal time to migrate to the higher interface speed. Xyratex continues to offer its 1Gbps and 2Gbps FP products - the world's smallest Fibre Channel protocol analyzers.

The Notebook Investigator is available as a fully configured system ready to go out of the box or can be integrated with a suitable notebook computer. For more information go to

About Fibre Channel Investigator:

Xyratex provides Fibre Channel analysis and testing solutions. With the rapid evolution of high-performance digital interface technologies, such as Fibre Channel, product developers and support engineers need a range of new and advanced tools to give them the productivity and competitive edge they require. Xyratex Fibre Channel Investigator test solutions include Notebook, Portable, Desktop, and Rackmount multi-channel solutions for 1.0625 and 2.125 gigabit per second traffic generation, protocol analysis and device emulation to meet the needs of those involved in the design and support of gigabit-performance systems such as Storage Area Networks (SANs). Xyratex also provides solutions for Switch and Fabric testing and manufacturing test of Fibre Channel devices.

About Xyratex:

Xyratex is a network infrastructure technology leader in developing products and solutions for the high-speed networking, digital broadcasting and data storage marketplaces. Recognized for its strong technology base and commitment to providing a highly responsive customer-focused service, Xyratex invests significantly in research and development to help customers stay ahead in the technology race. The result is an expanding range of long-term partnerships with many of the most influential companies in the worldwide IT marketplace. Founded in 1994 in an MBO from IBM, the company employs over 500 people working at locations in the United States, Europe and South East Asia. Headquarters are located in Havant, England. Visit for more information.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 4, 2001
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