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Xuron plier tool kit: comfort and control.

A new chainmaille plier tool kit--designed to let users easily pick up, open and close, and manipulate jump rings comfortably without wrist strain and excessive neck bending--has been introduced by Xuron Corporation, Saco, Maine.

The TK3700 Chainmaille Plier Kit features three specialty pliers that enhance user comfort and control. They include the Model 486 plier with a 90[degrees] bent nose that allows users to pick up jump rings without twisting their wrists; the Model 475 short nose, which is ideal for opening and closing jump rings with greater control and better sight lines; and the Model 485FN flat nose for heavy wire and steel jump rings.

The Plier Kit comes packed in a handy canvas pouch with pockets to protect the tools, each of which is made from high-carbon steel that has been blackened to prevent glare. The pliers have ergonomic handles with soft, Xuro-rubber cushioned handgrips and concealed light-touch springs.

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Date:Jul 1, 2016
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