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Xtreme Athletes.

Xtreme Athletes. Morgan Reynolds, 2011. 112p. PLB $28.95. Index. Glossary. Websites.

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Savage, Jeff. Brock Lesnar. 978-159935185-8. Young, Jeff C. Michelle Wie. 978-159935187-2.

Fans of WWF know Brock Lesnar for his bulk and his powerful moves, but the athlete's career has encompassed more than just professional wrestling. Lesnar started wrestling at an early age, and was competing by the time he was five years old. He wrestled for the high school varsity team while he was in seventh grade, and his career took off from there. With multiple heavyweight titles under his belt and a stint with the Minnesota Vikings, Lesner has made his living through strength and size. The Xtreme Athletes series focuses on figures like Lesner with short, colorful biographies that will appeal to reluctant readers. Lesner's story is great for middle grade readers with an interest in wrestling, but he is only one of many athletes profiled in this series. Another athlete featured is Michelle Wie. She has had an intense athletic career, and shows no signs of stopping. The native Hawaiian began playing golf when she was four years old, turned pro at sixteen years, and is still actively competing as a twenty-three year old. Talent and controversy surround this young super-star: her efforts to leave the LPGA in favor of the PGA have raised hackles on both sides of the athletic community, but Wie does not seem inclined to back down.

Told in an accessible, conversational tone, this biography series includes a list of websites related to the subject of each volume in addition to an index and, in some cases, a glossary.--Jen McConnel.

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Title Annotation:Brock Lesnar
Author:McConnel, Jen
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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