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Xirrus Wi-Fi Proven to Be as Resilient as Wired Networks.

The Tolly Group Tests Verify Multiple Points of Resiliency of the Wi-Fi Array

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- Xirrus, Inc., the only provider of high performance, long range Wi-Fi products, announced today test results by The Tolly Group confirming multiple features of the Wi-Fi Array designed to maximize network uptime creating a highly available, resilient Wi-Fi network. Features of the Wi-Fi Array that were successfully tested included failover capabilities of the Integrated Access Points, Gigabit uplink ports, wireless backhaul links and complete Array to Array failover ensuring continued Wi-Fi connectivity for users. Tests were conducted with a minimum of two XS-3900 Wi-Fi Arrays in a variety of wireless or wired network scenarios.

"Given that wireless networking has become the preferred connection of choice for users running mission-critical applications, all enterprise-class Wi-Fi solutions should provide resiliency at multiple levels within their system to assure uninterrupted operation in the corporate network," said Kurt Sauter, Director of Product Marketing at Xirrus. "The result of The Tolly Group's testing proves the integrated nature of the Wi-Fi Array's design delivers on multiple points of resiliency verifying the dependability of the solution in all situations."

"During testing, we were impressed with the robustness of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array," said Kevin Tolly, president, CEO and founder of The Tolly Group. "We have yet to see another Wi-Fi solution with as many integrated failover features designed to ensure maximum network uptime."

Xirrus commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the resiliency and failover features of its XS-3x00 family of Wi-Fi Arrays. Test highlights concluded that the Xirrus' solution:

* Provides Ethernet uplink connectivity failover when using both Gigabit Ethernet ports from the XS-3900 Array

* Provides radio-to-radio failover between all Integrated Access Points (IAP)

* Supports wireless-to-wireless backhaul -- Wireless Distribution System (WDS) failover among Arrays

* Provides wireless-to-wired WDS failover with two Wi-Fi Arrays deployed on two different wired networks

* Supports Array-to-Array failover

Testing of the Wi-Fi Array's dual Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports demonstrated recovery from network connectivity interruptions. The GbE ports provide either port or switch-based failover depending upon the deployment scenario. Tests verified that in both scenarios, the XS-3900 Wi-Fi Array was able to re-route traffic from one of the ports to the other within two to three seconds when the link failure occurred in one port during an FTP session.

Engineers from The Tolly Group verified the Wi-Fi coverage overlap and failover capabilities between individual IAPs of the Array when one IAP was disabled and that users were successfully migrated from one IAP to another ensuring proper Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity was maintained. This testing was completed on both the 802.11b/g and 802.11a IAPs of the Wi-Fi Array.

Testing conducted on the Wi-Fi Array's multiple radio, high bandwidth backhaul or WDS functionality focused on two WDS failover scenarios: wireless-to-wireless and wireless-to-wired. Engineers from The Tolly Group verified that the Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays went through the default Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) stages to re-establish network connectivity when broken links occurred during an FTP session.

To download a copy of the test results, visit or go to The Tolly Group at

About The Tolly Group

The Tolly Group, an independent testing and strategic consulting organization based in Boca Raton, Fla., offers a full range of services designed to furnish both the vendor and end-user communities with authoritative and unbiased information. Additionally, The Tolly Group is recognized worldwide for its expertise in assessing leading-edge technologies. For more information on The Tolly Group's services, visit its Web site at, E-mail, call 561-391-5610 or fax 561-391-5810.

About Xirrus

Xirrus is the award-winning leader in high performance, long range Wi-Fi. Xirrus manufactures the patented Wi-Fi Array platform that integrates up to 16 radios with an onboard Gigabit Switch, Wi-Fi Controller, Firewall and dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor into a single device. The Xirrus solution delivers 2X the range, 4X the coverage, 14X the throughput and requires 75% less devices, cabling, switch ports and installation time compared to any competitive solution. Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays are ideal for any organization deploying Wi-Fi, especially those that require support for large coverage areas, dense user populations and high bandwidth applications.

Xirrus is a privately-held company headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif. For more information, please visit
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Date:Jan 30, 2007
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