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Xilinx to collaborate with China Mobile Research Institute.


California-based chipmaker Xilinx Inc (NASDAQ: XLNX) has announced collaboration with China Mobile Research Institute for the development of virtualised 5G wireless networks.

According to the firm, as 4G wireless networks are being deployed around the world, Xilinx and the world's largest wireless operator, China Mobile, are working together on virtualisation advancements for next generation 5G systems to address challenges faced by wireless operators.

In current cellular networks, subscribers at the edge of cells often experience poor service quality due to interference. 5G base stations will employ a large number of antennas to minimise the overall interference and improve both the user experience and network efficiency.

Additionally, 5G wireless networks will include multiple radio access technologies that must coexist. As a result, network function virtualization becomes a requirement for 5G, with hardware being abstracted and resources allocated dynamically for the required wireless functions.

Xilinx said its All Programmable devices, design tools and methodologies are enablers for virtualisation technology. In particular, the company said its innovations in partial reconfiguration allow equipment designers to create designs that can be altered in-system without interrupting the equipment operation.

For example, new air interface waveforms can be switched in and out at speed to provide a cost effective alternative to building support for all air interface standards, saving power, cost and increasing system performance.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Sep 16, 2014
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