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Xilinx ships world's first Advanced Switching solution based on PCI Express architecture.

Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq:XLNX) has announced it's shipping the world's first Advanced Switching (AS) solution based on PCI Express architecture to enable the rapid deployment of open standards-based switched fabric backplanes and other product solutions. The solution includes an AS intellectual property core implemented in the RocketIO serial transceivers and IBM PowerPC 405 of the company's flagship Virtex-II Pro FPGAs--the industry's most popular FPGA for serial design. Xilinx delivers its AS solution just one month after the ASI-SIG announced the specification as final (, expediting the implementation of AS by twelve to eighteen months. For complete information about the Xilinx AS solution, visit

"Advanced Switching is built on top of the PCI Express technology and brings the lower cost and performance advantages of the PCI Express technology to rapidly growing serial backplane market," said Rajeev Kumar, president of the ASI SIG and Advanced Switching initiatives manager at Intel. "The immediate availability of the Xilinx solution enables designers to start developing applications in standard ATCA as well as custom backplanes for communications equipment including access, edge and storage systems."

Xilinx demonstrated the AS solution recently for the first time at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, California. The demonstration showcased the new AS IP core in a protocol bridge developed by Xilinx Design Services, for an ATM software application featuring Intel network processors and Virtex-II Pro FPGAs with Xilinx's new AdvancedTCA development platform--also introduced recently.

"Availability of an AS solution so early in the specification lifecycle will allow designers to immediately start designing intelligent communications or computing applications based on the new specification," said Mark Aaldering, senior director of the IP Solutions Division at Xilinx. "Virtex-II Pro's programmable fabric, embedded PowerPC processor and serial transceivers allowed us to develop the core in parallel with the definition of the specification--a design methodology that ASICs or ASSPs can not compete with."

Today's news underscores Xilinx's commitment to provide customers with broadest portfolio of complete serial connectivity solutions for tomorrow's computing and communication designs. Xilinx, along with other industry leaders, is on the board of directors of the new ASI-SIG and is actively participating in the continuing development and enhancement of the Advanced Switching specification.

The Xilinx AS IP core uses the Xilinx Smart-IP technology to reach 2.5 Gbps line speed utilizing the features of the RocketIO multi-gigabit transceivers such as clock data recovery, 8B/10B encoding, 3.125 Gbps SerDes, transmit/receive FIFOs, and CRC. The IBM PowerPC 405 processor embedded in the Virtex-II Pro FPGA fabric is used to implement the AS configuration space, freeing up to 20% fabric resources in the target device. Virtex-II Pro's unique HW/SW trade-off ability allows customers to implement their designs in a smaller part generating significant cost savings over competing devices. Advanced Switching architecture is complementary to PCI Express and fills the need for a multi-point, peer-to-peer switched fabric architecture that further accelerates the transition to convergence by meeting customer demand for a standard between Ethernet and high-end proprietary fabrics.

The Xilinx Serial Tsunami initiative was introduced to help accelerate the industry shift from parallel to serial I/O signaling technologies by delivering next generation connectivity solutions which support line rates from 622 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond. Xilinx's high performance Virtex-II Pro family of FPGAs deliver industry leading features, including IBM PowerPC processors immersed into the industry's leading FPGA fabric, muti-gigabit RocketIO serial transceivers, and cutting-edge embedded design tools, combined with a suite of IP cores--representing a comprehensive solution for a broad range of connectivity requirements across the entire line to the backplane.

The AS core is available now as a LogiCORE product under the terms of SignOnce IP license and is priced at $25,000. Once purchased, it can be configured and downloaded from the Xilinx website at For more information and to purchase the Virtex-II Pro FPGA, visit Information about licensing and other Xilinx LogiCORE products is available on the Xilinx IP Center at
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
Date:Feb 23, 2004
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