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Xicor Announces I2C CPU Supervisors; New Products Expand Xicor's Broad Line of Field Programmable System Management Products.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1, 1999--

XICOR, Inc., today announced I2C versions of its CPU supervisor products.

The X4043 and X4045 integrate power-on-reset, watchdog timer and low voltage sense functions with 4K of EE memory on a single device. The devices also include the industry standard 400K Hz I2C serial interface. The X4003 and X4005 have the same feature set at the X4043 and X4045 respectively, except for the memory.

The primary advantage of these products is that the low voltage reset levels and watchdog timer intervals can be reprogrammed in the field thus eliminating the inflexibility of a fixed device.

The X4003 and X4043 products implement active low RESET. The X4005 and X4045 implement active high RESET.

The watchdog timer can be programmed by the user to timeout intervals ranging from 200 milliseconds to 1.4 seconds. Additionally, it can be disabled to facilitate system software debugging. The low voltage reset trip points can be programmed from 1.7 to 4.75 volts, with an accuracy of 25 millivolts. Low voltage reset thresholds can be reprogrammed, should system requirements change.

These four I2C products are part of Xicor's expanding system management product line that includes the X5000 family of SPI CPU supervisors, and the X1200 family of real time clocks. All are ideal for demanding embedded control applications where systems must power up in known state and power down in an orderly manner in the event of unforeseen external events.

"These functions are used by all embedded system designers," said Wayne Eng, director of digital products marketing. "Our solution offers increased functionality and flexibility.

"By enabling the designer to program in-the-system key parameters such as watchdog timer reset intervals, and low voltage trip points, we provide the maximum flexibility to tune device parameters for the most exacting system requirements. If the system design parameters change, the designer can easily reprogram the part without removing them from the system." -0-

Product Availability and Pricing

 Production Pricing
Part No. Samples Available Quantities Available Qtys. 100+
-------- ----------------- -------------------- ----------

X4003S8 Now Q4 $1.40
X4005S8 Now Q4 $1.40
X4043S8 Now Q4 $1.78
X4045S8 Now Q4 $1.78


Reader Contact

Wayne Eng, director, digital products marketing, Xicor, Inc., 1511 Buckeye Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035. Telephone: 408/546-3593. E-mail: Web site:

Company Background

Xicor, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells nonvolatile in-the-system programmable products which retain information even when the system is turned off or power is inadvertently lost. Xicor's product line includes digitally controlled potentiometers (XDCPs(TM)), system management ICs, and standard and secure memory ICs .

Xicor product, corporate and financial information is readily accessible on the World Wide Web at
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Date:Jun 1, 1999
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