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Xerox - Textile Workers settle.

Xerox-Textile Workers settle

Intensification of efforts to improve product quality and continuation of a no-layoff provision were features of a settlement between Xerox Corp. and die Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers for 3,800 employees in Rochester, NY.

The quality improvement program, described by union and management officials as the underlying philosophy of the 3-year contract, calls for selection quality coordinator" to manage die drive to attain continuous improvements.

The job security provision, similar to one in the preceding contract, prohibits the layoff of employees hired before March 20, 1989. Union officials said the provision was particularly important because it protects some 1,000 workers hired in recent months. In another move to increase job security, the parties established a joint committee that will strive to bring new lowskill or unskilled work into die plant.

The contract provided for a first-year lump-sum payment equal to 6 percent of each employee's earnings during the preceding 12 months, a 3-percent wage increase and cost-of-living adjustments beginning in the second year (using the same formula as in the preceding contract), and a 1.5-percent wage increase and a 3.5percent (of annual pay) lump-sum payment in the final year. Prior to the settlement, wages reportedly averaged $14.26 an hour.

Sickness and accident benefits were raised to 80 percent of straight-time pay, from 75 percent; pension and profit-sharing rates were increased; die company's contribution to die 401 (k) savings plan was raised to 35 cents (from 25 cents) for each dollar die employee invests, up to 4 percent of his or her earnings; the company was allowed more freedom in promoting and transferring employees; and a joint committee will be established to consider using an outside agency to provide child care services.
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Title Annotation:developments in industrial relations
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Jul 1, 1989
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