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Xeotron is Granted Patent by US Patent Office.

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Xeotron Corporation announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. patent #6,426,184 for its technology invention "Method and apparatus for chemical and biochemical reactions using photo-generated reagents." This patent covers a new method and an integrated system of equipment necessary for the synthesis of chemical microarrays in situ. This system enables the parallel production of arrays containing oligonucleotides, both DNA and RNA, as well as peptides and carbohydrates. The patent will enable Xeotron to continue to produce highly uniform microarrays on a substrate using conventional monomers with reaction times comparable to conventional oligonucleotide synthesis, reducing the overall cost of microarray production.

"This invention makes Xeotron's platform truly unique. Proven, conventional synthesis chemistries are now available in a massively parallel format. It opens the door to a broad range of applications," said Tim McGrath, CEO of Xeotron.

"The issuance of this patent is timely for commercializing Xeotron's products. It significantly bolsters our intellectual property position," commented David Sun, Xeotron's vice president of Business Development and Marketing.

Xeotron has developed microfluidic bioarrays, or XeoChips, for gene expression studies to meet the specifications of individual researchers. Unlike other commercially available chips, XeoChips enable very rapid discovery cycles because production time is greatly reduced. The XeoChips' major advantages in quality, cost, flexibility and quick turn-around are the result of Xeotron's novel and proprietary technology platform combining the photo-generated reagent (PGR) photochemistry, digital photonics and microfluidics.

About Xeotron Corporation

Xeotron produces microarrays using proprietary platform technology that combines digital photonics, microfluidics and photochemistry. This technology allows the production of high quality custom bioarrays with quick turn-around, at an affordable price. Based on this technology, discovery cycles are more rapid because iterative rounds of probes can be quickly synthesized within days, instead of months. The XeoChips can be used with existing equipment, dramatically lowering entry costs and allowing greater access to more researchers.
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Date:Dec 10, 2002
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