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Xenophobia, volume 2, issue 1.

Okay, so the name of this mag is a little strange. What does fear of foreigners have to do with skateboarding? I think it's just named after the guy who does it. This mag is clean and in color, and outta Boston, Mass. It's mostly street but there is a little bit of everything in there, including a look at some of the new 'crete parks poppin' up in the NE (yeah Slops]), and a farewell look at some old spots, including Boston City Hospital, You know what stuck out the most for me, though? Yep, you guessed it: a frontside air mislabeled a "frontside indy." What do I gotta do. sick Heddings on you? I am going to start a monthly award. The Frontside Indy Award. This month's winner: Xenophobia. Perhaps I suffer from Frontsideindyphobia. The other thing that is a little off about this otherwise top notch 'zine is the Contents page sequence. There are 19 frames of a guy doing about an eight-foot noseslide. That means someone's getting, what, eight frames a second or more. Or that dude is going in slo-mo. Anyway, a petty matter, this 'zinc kicks ass. Do you want to win the Frontside Indy Award? It's simple, just make a 'zinc and label a frontside air a frontside indy. Send it straight to me and I will make sure to ridicule you. But kidding aside (well, I'm not really kidding), send a couple bucks to: 217 Kelton Street. Suite #7. Boston. MA 02134
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Title Annotation:ZiNE THING
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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Zine thing.
Zine thing.

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