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Xenon-Arc UV Tester Has Humidity Control.

A new light-stability test cabinet has controlled humidity and reportedly costs less to purchase and to operate than other models. The Q-Sun 3100 Xenon Test Chamber can offer cost savings of 30-35% over competitive xenon-arc models, according to Q-Panel Lab Products in Cleveland. Including replacement lamps, electricity, and water, its annual operating cost is reportedly $5000 to $8000, compared with $20,000 to $25,000 for most competitive models. The new tester lists for $22,900 versus $27,000 for xenon-arc testers typically used in large labs.

For materials that are sensitive to humidity variations, the RH control is said to improve correlation and reproducibility in test results. Also, many ISO, SAE, and ASTM test procedures now require control of RH during uv exposure.
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Title Annotation:new test cabinet from Q-Panel Lab Products
Comment:Xenon-Arc UV Tester Has Humidity Control.(new test cabinet from Q-Panel Lab Products)
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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