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Xenna Corp.

Xenna Corp. 33 Witherspoon St., Suite 200,

Princeton, N.J. 08542

Phone: (800) 368-6003; (609) 921-1101 Fax (609) 921-2517

Web site:

Key contact: Carol Buck, chief executive officer

PRINCETON, N.J. -- With grocery retailers discovering that new, high-margin H&BC items are the key to turning around nonfood, Xenna Corp.'s CalleX callus ointment and NonyX nail gel offer the chance to jump-start the foot care category.

Moreover, in the ethnic hair care category the company has launched Curlaway and Curlaway II, which promise to release curls gradually and gently, without breakage.

Consumers are no longer resistant to purchasing high-price personal care products in supermarkets, and stronger H&BC margins counterbalance ever-thinner grocery margins, says Xenna chief executive officer Carol Buck.

"All of these trends explain why CalleX and NonyX are the right products at the right time for foot care," says Buck.

Callex is formulated to solve the problem of dry, cracked heels and calluses. The acid-free topical product uses natural enzymes in a moisturizing, petrolatum base to exfoliate calluses and to smooth and soften heels.

The ointment is differentiated by the enzymes' selectivity to thickened, built-up, flaking skin, according to Buck.

Targeting dry or flaking skin and calluses, the enzymes have no effect on normal skin, she says.

Since it contains no acid, Callex is nonstinging and nonburning. It is safe for diabetics, fast-acting and scented with peppermint oil.

A successful year exclusively in Longs Drug Stores has poised Callex for broader distribution. The exclusivity gave Xenna a chance to optimize the item's pricing, notes Buck, adding that its packaging has been enhanced to provide increased appeal.

Xenna also has established it self as an exfoliants specialist with NonyX, which has seen steady sales growth since its launch two years ago. The ethanoic acid gel promises a novel approach to the problem of embarrassing yellow or brown discoloration under toenails and fingernails, which is caused by keratin debris buildup. Working under the nail surface, NonyX is formulated to soften and break down keratin debris, and then gradually exfoliate it, leaving nails both clear and attractive.

Once nails are free of keratin debris, NonyX is used three times a week to keep nails clear and healthy-looking. Sold in a 4-ounce bottle, NonyX is supported by in-store promotions.

"It continues to be a fast-growing foot care brand and is meeting the needs of both men and women who want clear, healthy-looking nails," comments Buck.

NonyX has done extremely well at units of Rite Aid Corp. and Walgreen Co., says Buck, citing ACNielsen data ranking it as the No. 3 nail care product in dollars per point of distribution on a 52-week basis.

"It has really been a success story," she comments. "Now we're aggressively pursuing broader distribution."

Both NonyX and Callex were rolled out conservatively, she says, because Xenna wants to ensure that its products are well received and will generate repeat usage and loyalty.

In the ethnic hair care segment Curlaway is packaged as a kit, including a patented natural straightening gel and a straightening shampoo. Also available is the gel alone, called Curlaway II.

Safe for straightened, permed or color-treated hair, the products allow the amount of curl removal to be left up to the user; hair becomes straighter with each consecutive treatment.
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