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Xbox Game Pass: 5 Best Games To Play Right Now.

Xbox Game Pass ( has just launched , and the service allows gamers to spend $10 a month to gain access to over 100 downloadable Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles on their current-gen console. Whether you're experimenting with a free trial or willing to pay, here are five of the best games released on the platform so far.

1) Halo 5: Guardians: Halo 5's campaign may not have had ( as much Master Chief as we would've liked , but it's still an awesome addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. After all, it's one of the newest titles in the collection, it pushes the Xbox One hardware to its limits and it's not costing any extra money. Locke be damned, what's not to love about that?

Just like its predecessors, Halo 5 remains one of Xbox's best competitive shooters, and it's grown substantially with tons of free maps, modes and weapon DLC. Especially with Game Pass presumably driving player counts up, it will be extra easy to hop into a good lobby.

2) BioShock: With its unique blend of atmosphere, simulation, shooting and RPG mechanics, BioShock created a formula that many developers since 2K Boston have failed to replicate. Its movement and mechanics may feel a little dated now 10 years removed, but it remains an example of the kind of game the industry is lacking right now. It's got cool weapons, awesome characters and everything you'd want from a deep single-player experience.

We apologize in advance for being so vague, but saying too much just might be a spoiler. Once you're immersed in the aquatic world of Rapture you'll come across strange enemies and some of the creepiest moments seen in any game. BioShock presents a truly unsettling tale of politics, intrigue and massive mechanical foes. It's a must play for narrative-focused gamers.

3) Sunset Overdrive: Sunset Overdrive is a criminally overlooked Xbox One exclusive that was in some ways was the right game ( released at the wrong time . Set in the fictional Sunset City of 2027, players are charged with the task of defeating zombies controlled by a nefarious soda called FizzCo.

Sunset Overdrive's Go-Gurt-inspired art direction and plot may not be for everyone, but that divisiveness is exactly what makes it perfectly suited for a subscription service like Game Pass. Its highlight features are its rail-sliding parkour movement and plethora of crazy weapons. Yes, there is a gun that shoots vinyl records. Making your way around the environment can be a little challenging at first, but, if you master the mechanics, it's a fun and wild ride.

4) Gears Of War 2: We're not passing judgement on if Gears Of War 2 is the best game in the franchise, but we think it's a noteworthy feature of Game Pass because, unlike the original Gears Of War, there's no ( improved current-gen remaster to buy instead . Just like its predecessor, this game exemplifies cover-based, third-person shooting at its best. The Locust is a terrifying horde, and it's your job to save the planet by fighting them off with heavy-artillery guns, chainsaws and more.

Despite its abrupt ending, Gears Of War 2 presents players with a blockbuster-quality story. Online, it also offers the first-ever version of the massively-popular Horde Mode. For what it's worth, the original Gears Of War is also on Game Pass if you prefer to start there.

5) Viva PiAaAaAeA~ata: We've got quite a few dark and heavy games on th list, so lightening things up with Viva PiAaAaAeA~ata seems like a pret wise choice. Viva is the 2006 brain child of Rare, and it's a game that only a studio with Rare's whimsical pedigree could create.

Taking cue from The Sims and Animal Crossing, this experience is all about nurturing a single space and watching life happen inside it. On the appropriately named PiAaAaAeA~ata Island, it's your job to plow a care for a garden. With enough time and attention, creatures called PiAaAaAeA~atas will eventually show up. There are over 60 different pet and they can be bred to provide different perks. It sounds really silly to explain, but we promise it's the ultimate time sink.

Xbox Game Pass is available now on Xbox One with a total of 111 games. The selection changes monthly, so some of these titles may not be featured by the time you read this.

What do you think of Xbox Game Pass so far? What are its best games? Tell us in the comments section!  
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