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XRamp Gains Significant Momentum through Wide-Spread Adoption of its Security Products and Services; Digital Certificate Pioneer Announces 260 Percent Increase in Revenue, Leads the Market in Providing Outstanding Customer Service.

SAN ANTONIO -- XRamp, a provider of high-quality digital certificates, today announced that it has experienced record growth, with a 260 percent increase in revenue for the period ending Q3 2005 over the period ending Q3 2004. XRamp attributes the growth to the company's ability to provide the highest level of security for businesses conducting transactions over the Internet, while allowing them to benefit from outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

Leading the market in digital certificate technology, XRamp was the first Certificate Authority to offer 256 bit SSL certificates, the strongest encryption available to the general public. In addition, XRamp's certificates are Class 3 certificates, offering the highest level of assurance for high value commercial transactions such as e-banking, legal document signing and share trading.

"XRamp elected early on not to solicit funding to jump start the company's growth. Instead, we chose to focus on providing superior service to our customers, rather than being concerned with impressing shareholders or marketing our products," said XRamp President and CEO Scott Harris. "Now, we are ready to get the word out about XRamp and how we are truly the clear choice in the industry for digital certificates, based on our outstanding service and the fact we offer the highest level of security at the best price."

XRamp caters to small, medium and large enterprises requiring secure online transactions. From small online retailers to large financial institutions, XRamp has customers spanning several different markets such as financial services, education, government, healthcare and the legal sector. In addition, XRamp's 256-bit SSL certificates work with all browsers and servers capable of the new 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) such as the enormously popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. Also, since XRamp's digital certificates are backward compatible, they provide the maximum encryption available on software that does not yet support the new 256-bit standard.

XRamp assists its customers throughout the entire digital certificate procurement process, enabling them to benefit from a quicker time-to-market and significant cost savings. In fact, many XRamp customers switched to XRamp from competitive offerings, due to the company's expertise and depth of customer support.

CrystalTech Web Hosting, also known for providing high-quality service to its customers, is one of the largest Windows-based hosting companies in the world and offers XRamp's digital certificates to its customer base. Providing a wide array of shared and dedicated hosting services, CrystalTech uses XRamp's automation system to immediately provide digital certificates to its customers in a more streamlined process. As a result, CrystalTech's customers receive digital certificates with a quicker turn-around since XRamp's system is more efficient than competitive offerings.

"CrystalTech chose to partner with XRamp because we share the same philosophy around providing extraordinary high levels of service to our customers," said CrystalTech CEO Tim Uzzanti. "In addition, XRamp's digital certificates offer the industry's highest level of security at a great price - something we are proud to pass on to our customers."

Another company that is taking advantage of XRamp digital certificates is Budget Rent a Car of San Antonio, Texas. The company previously used Thawte Inc. digital certificates for its car rental websites and, but switched last year to XRamp's fully trusted 256-bit digital SSL certificates.

"We give customers the option of guaranteeing their car reservation online with a credit card, so having a secure line is very important," said Michael Maloney, president of Budget Rent a Car of San Antonio and El Paso. "Switching to XRamp was a painless transition. We got a better price, and are even happier with the service."

XRamp's product offerings include:

--Premium Certificates

--256-Bit Webserver Certificates - Class 3, high-assurance certificates that come with a $100,000 guarantee

--256-Bit Wildcard Certificates - Designed to enable organizations to secure their website, Intranet and mail server all in one and come with a $100,000 guarantee

--Enterprise Certificates

--256-Bit Webserver Certificate - Ideal for e-commerce websites and comes with $250,000 guarantee and SiteSeal

--256-Bit Wildcard Certificate - Enables organizations to secure unlimited subdomains and comes with a $250,000 guarantee

--Secure Email Digital IDs - Ensures email security for organizations and are available in 5, 10 and 20-packs.

Value-Added Services

XRamp further differentiates itself from the competition by offering several services in conjunction with its certificates, including a new PKI interface, PKI for Everyone, which enables the customer to take more control over their digital certificates, as well as Full Service Installation, where XRamp manages the entire digital certificate procurement process from end-to-end. In addition, XRamp is the only Certificate Authority to offer its customers an automated tool that probes a server's SSL digital certificate installation, identifies problems with the installation and suggests ways to fix the problem.

"XRamp sets itself apart from the competition by offering outstanding customer support before, during and after the digital certificate procurement process, while also offering a reasonable pricing model," added Harris. "XRamp is the smartest choice for businesses wanting the best in security and encryption while keeping costs at a minimum."

About XRamp

Providing high-quality digital certificates for any organization requiring secure communications, XRamp caters to businesses large and small and differentiates itself from the competition by adding value through extraordinary customer service before and after the purchase. XRamp is a leader in the industry and was the first Certificate Authority to offer 256-bit SSL certificates. XRamp is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has earned the AICPA/CICA WebTrust Seal of Assurance for Certification Authorities two years in a row. Since its inception in 2001, the company has prospered by offering high quality security solutions combined with outstanding customer and technical support making XRamp's services the best value in the industry. XRamp certificates are fully trusted and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and up to a $250,000 warranty. For more information on XRamp and its products visit or call 866-775-2378.
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Date:Oct 11, 2005
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