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XQuery download. (Internet Focus).

IBM is to post a Web-downloadable implementation of XQuery, the emerging standard for querying XML data and composing XML documents, assisting developers to become proficient with the emerging standard.

IBM is also launching a DB2 NET Enablement beta program that enables developers to create .NET-based applications that work with DB2 data. In addition, They are launching the DB2 Database Porting Zone, one convenient, centralised Web site that consolidates everything developers need to know to port to DB2.

IBM's XQuery Implementation

IBM have delivered a test suite illustrating the nascent Xquery standard to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the body which makes official recommendations to the industry on such matters. IBM is now posting code on its own Web site that illustrates aspects of the specification in use. While some vendors have posted illustrations of XQuery, they typically don't address the demanding requirements of incorporating a real relational database that supports a dynamic business. IBM's implementation focuses on using XQuery in high volume, high performance scenarios involving relational databases that could contain many terabytes of information.

IBM's implementation, called XML for Tables, is a form of language translator that developers and customers can incorporate into their IBM DB2 Universal Databases. It uses and illustrates the XQuery interface to tap structured data in relational databases and present it as XML data. IBM has also made XML Registry available, for groups of users to catalogue, organise, find and share XML information, including that which pertains to Web services.

XQuery complements Structured Query Language (SQL), and is now a standard language for databases. SQL, the preferred way to tap structured data within databases, cannot easily express questions about hierarchical information, such as organisational chart relationships, nor sequential data, such as chapters in a book, contained in XML documents. XML tags information on the Web in a particularly descriptive way so that information can be exchanged in a much more accurate, flexible fashion. XQuery enables users to cast a wider, more accurate net when looking for specific information.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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