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XMetaL Unveils New End-to-End Content Lifecycle Solutions for Delivery and Management of Content with Real Bottom-Line Impact.

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- New offerings help organizations accelerate time to market worldwide, speed up publishing processes by up to 80 percent, reduce localization costs up to 40-70 percent

XMetaL, a JustSystems company and the global leader in XML-based content lifecycle solutions, today announced the availability of two new offerings designed for large global organizations: Global Content Delivery and Master Content Management. These first of their kind Content Lifecycle Solutions combine a standards-based technology platform and unparalleled expert services to enable effective global content delivery and localization, and consolidation of multiple sources of content into a single master source. XMetaL Content Lifecycle Solutions set a new standard for creating, sharing, and delivering information quickly across multiple channels and locales - helping organizations accelerate time to market worldwide, speed up publishing processes by up to 80 percent, and reduce localization costs by up to 40 - 70 percent.

XMetaL's solutions exploit XML content contribution, authoring, review, publishing, localization, content management and workflow. Implementing XML structured authoring and review for document assembly facilitates reuse of existing content, and streamlines content delivery processes by shifting away from the traditional practice of authoring and controlling whole documents. The solutions are built on an architecture that combines industry standards (DITA), best-of-breed technology, and proven methodologies and services to ensure successful implementation and quick return on investment.

"Businesses can easily lose control over content as it is surrendered to complex publishing processes," said Paul Wlodarczyk, VP of Content Lifecycle Solutions at XMetaL. "This can lead to serious inaccuracies in application guides, user manuals, data sheets and internal engineering documents. With our unique content lifecycle offerings, global organizations can manage content as objects instead of whole documents, thereby creating one updatable source of the truth, and accelerating the review, approval and publishing processes by as much as 80 percent."

XMetaL Content Lifecycle Solutions include:

--XMetaL Global Content Delivery: An end-to-end solution that enables simultaneous global product shipment ("sim-ship") through topic-oriented authoring, publishing, content management and globalization management. XMetaL Global Content Delivery enables companies to create and manage content as topics (reusable content objects); localize only those topics that are new or have changed; assemble topics into different deliverables and render outputs through an automated publishing process; and implement a Globalization Management System featuring Idiom WorldServer to centralize translation memory, manage localization vendors, and automate workflow. The result is a 40 - 70 percent reduction in content localization cost, accelerated time to market to help companies capture market share and revenue in every region faster, increased global brand control, and enablement of unique local content to ensure a superior customer experience.

--XMetaL Master Content Management: Enables content owners to maintain one source of truth for greater control and efficiency. XMetaL Master Content Management enables enterprises to establish a single source of the truth; increase customer satisfaction by delivering consistent information across all business channels; accelerate time to market through a lean process for information development and publishing; improve the effectiveness of customer service and support operations by consolidating information; and eliminate errors by maintaining a single authoritative content source. In addition, implementing XMetaL Master Content Management increases staff effectiveness and can reduce costs by more than 20 percent through automation and simplification.

"DITA-based solutions have significant potential to successfully address several perennial content management problems," said Peter O'Kelly, Research Director for Burton Group's Collaboration and Content Strategies service. "They provide an effective methodology to disambiguate content within organizations, thus improving management, classification, and reuse of content. These types of solutions can enable efficient content delivery and localization, and, as a result, are conducive to the consolidation of multiple sources of content into a single repository, with the potential to introduce both dramatic cost savings and workflow improvements."

With XMetaL's content lifecycle offerings, organizations can eliminate inefficient publishing processes and redundant content development efforts. The combined technology platform and services enable organizations to accelerate time-to-market by simultaneously shipping products to multiple markets, and gain the flexibility to deliver unique local content as needed. Using a single "master content" approach, organizations are able to reduce the cost and complexity of multi-channel content delivery. Consolidating information improves the effectiveness of customer service & support operations, while ensuring that all parties receive consistent, up-to-date information.

About XMetaL, a JustSystems company

XMetaL provides XML-based content lifecycle solutions to help global organizations automate and streamline processes for creating, managing, and publishing high volumes of content. By combining innovative technologies with unparalleled industry expertise and services, XMetaL solutions help companies improve content quality, reduce publishing and localization costs, and bring products and services to market faster. XMetaL's solutions are based on its award-winning software for authoring, reviewing, and editing content.

Global, content-rich organizations that rely on XMetaL solutions include Cisco, DaimlerChrysler, HP, Kodak, Microsoft, Philips, RIM, Southwest Airlines, Sybase, Symantec, Texas Instruments and USA Today.

About JustSystems

JustSystems Corporation is the largest independent software company in Japan. It aims to help people and organizations realize their unlimited potential through the use of information technology. Since its founding in 1979, JustSystems has developed a wide variety of client applications and server systems that marry the most advanced technology with the most visionary solutions. A public company since 1997, today there are 1,000 employees world wide. JustSystems was founded with a simple goal: make it possible for people to use computers to express and share their thoughts and knowledge.

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Date:Sep 18, 2006
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