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XML in a Nutshell, Second Edition. (Book Browser).

Harold, Elliotte Rusty and Means, W Scot


ISBN 0-596-00292-0 2002

We are always surprised at how much O'Reilly manage to get their authors to include in their "Nutshell" series. The Word 'Nutshell' implies to us some minimum of content but that is not true of this series. A full explanation succinctly put is how we would explain it. If you can only afford one book on XML buy his one. XML is developing so fast all the current books will be out of date in a year or so and by then XML will have spawned a whole series of subsidiary Nutshell books. We cannot criticise this book but to say it looks good to us.
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Publication:Software World
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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