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XLR8 Announces Production of Its New G3Z ZIF Upgrade Cards; Advanced Upgrade Cards for Apple PowerMac G3 Systems Enable Mac G3 Users to Experience Nearly Twice the Processing Performance.

WICHITA, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 1998--XLR8(TM), by Interex, today announced the production of its MACh Speed G3Z, an advanced family of processor upgrade cards for Apple's highly popular PowerMac G3 computers. The MACh Speed G3Z family is the second round of products to come from XLR8's refocused engineering and design, following the successful release of their 400, 366 and 333 MHz family of PowerMac(TM) upgrades in October. The MACh Speed G3Z cards are scheduled to ship at the end of November. The MACh Speed G3Z family features the high performance PowerPC 750 microprocessor (G3), and includes four speeds - - 300 MHz, 333 MHz, 366 MHz and 400 MHz. The available, large L2 cache ratios are as follows: 3:2, 5:2, 2:1 and 3:1, with a standard 1MB backside cache. (The 300 MHz is available in both 1 MB and 512K cache sizes.) XLR8's G3Z cards feature tremendously easy installation. Users simply pop off the metal clip that attaches the heatsink, lift the lever that releases the processor pins, and snap the card into the zero insertion force socket that is provided on the motherboards of all PowerMac G3 computers. The entire process takes only a few minutes from start to finish.

As with all XLR8's upgrade products, the new G3Z features XLR8's exclusive, MVP(TM) (Multiple Variable Processing) technology. This feature allows users the most flexibility on the market, for optimizing Bus, CPU and cache speeds. Each G3Z also comes with two utility software programs. The XLR8 Processor Info Utility allows interactive feedback of card settings including current CPU temperature. Multiple setting and easy control of the MACh Speed's backside cache is achieved through the MACh Speed G3 Control software. In addition, the G3Z comes with a well illustrated, 68-page, comprehensive manual and will ship in XLR8's new, innovative designed packaging.

MacBench 4.0 scores reflect that users can nearly double their computer speed with the new MACh Speed G3Z upgrade; potentially raising any existing PowerMac G3 computer performance to higher levels than that of any new Mac G3 model. Jack Kolk, XLR8's Director of Sales and Marketing commented, "With the availability of the new high speed, copper-based PowerPC(TM) 750 processors from IBM, we expect to see the Power users upgrade quickly to these powerful upgrade cards."

MacBench 4.0 Scores (Pre-Set Shipping Configurations)

MACh Speed G3Z, 400/200/1M: 1416

MACh Speed G3Z, 366/183/1M: 1298

MACh Speed G3Z, 333/166/1M: 1178

MACh Speed G3Z, 300/200/1M: 1099

The MACh Speed G3Z ZIF cards are compatible with the following G3 systems: Apple PowerMac G3, All-In-One, Mini-Tower, Tower and Desktop.

The following are street prices for the MACh Speed G3Z cards:

MACh Speed G3Z 400 MHz/1M: $1649

MACh Speed G3Z 366 MHz/1M: $1349

MACh Speed G3Z 333 MHz/1M: $1149

MACh Speed G3Z 300 MHz/1M: $949

MACh Speed G3Z 300 MHz/512K: $599

For technical support, contact XLR8 at 1-800-513-9744. For more information on XLR8 products, contact XLR8 at 316-636-5544 or visit their website at

About XLR8 by Interex

XLR8 is a division of the 16-year connectivity leader, Interex. XLR8 provides leading performance enhancement solutions for the Macintosh environment. Every XLR8 product includes toll-free technical support and a two-year limited warranty. XLR8 and Interex products are available in more than 15,000 computer superstores, mass merchants, wholesale clubs, computer electronic superstores, wholesale distributors, resellers and online catalogs worldwide, including the following channels and more: Comp USA, Computer Town, Cyberian Outpost, Fry's Electronics, Ingram Micro, Micro Center, Micro Warehouse, Other World Computing, and PBS/Microage/Clubmac.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 3, 1998
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