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 SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD EXPO '94, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Xircom Inc. (NASDAQ: XIRC) and Dayna Communications Inc. today announced a joint development and cross licensing alliance designed to deliver innovative mobile connectivity and network printing solutions to the Apple Macintosh(R) and Newton(TM) markets. Today's announcement marks Xircom's first move toward broadening its product offering to the Apple market and signals Dayna's intention to enter the wireless local area network (LAN) market.
 Under terms of the agreement, the connectivity companies will work together to develop mobile network adapters based on Dayna's Pocket SCSI/Link(TM) technology, cordless LAN products built with Xircom's Netwave(TM) technology, and multiprotocol print servers supporting AppleTalk(R) networks. Each company will market, distribute and support these products under its own brand name and label.
 This alliance unites the leaders in mobile connectivity for both the Intel-based and Macintosh markets. Xircom brings a legacy of pioneering PC portable networking, a 70 percent marketshare in the PC external LAN adapter segment and leadership in driving technology standards, specifically for wireless LANs and the Enhanced Parallel Port. Dayna brings 10 years of experience with AppleTalk and NetWare protocols, a leadership position in the Macintosh external network adapter market and experience with software and human interface design for users who expect plug-and-play ease of use.
 "Xircom's mission is to deliver the mobile connectivity solutions that nomadic computers users demand, no matter where they are or what operating system, hardware platform, or network topology they are using," said Dirk I. Gates, president and chief executive officer of the Calabasas, Calif.-based Xircom Inc. "By joining forces with the leader in mobile Macintosh connectivity, Dayna, we are able to extend our vision of nomadic networking solutions, both wired and wireless, to a much broader user base. We look forward to partnering with Dayna as we continue to develop new technologies that move our industry forward and pursue market opportunities associated with this growing trend toward nomadic computing."
 Brad Romney, president and chief executive officer of the Salt Lake City-based Dayna Communications said, "Dayna has been investigating the portable, remote and wireless networking markets for some time, and we've been actively seeking a partner with the right mix of technology and vision. There is great synergy between Dayna and Xircom and our mutual interest in nomadic computing products."
 Results from this strategic alliance will be evident immediately. The Xircom Pocket EtherTalk Adapter for PowerBooks will begin shipping by the end of the first calendar quarter of 1994. Based on Dayna's new Pocket SCSI/Link technology announced this week at Macworld Expo '94, both companies' products will provide a simple, low-cost means of connecting nomadic PowerBook users to an Ethernet LAN, integrating Macintosh computers with Windows- and DOS-based PCs through a common backbone network.
 Dayna benefits form the alliance by becoming Xircom's exclusive development and marketing partner for Netwave cordless networking technology in the Apple market. Netwave is the early standards-setting technology in the wireless LAN market. The IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Committee recently adopted major portions of the technologies embodied in Xircom's Netwave products as the foundation for the Media Access Control (MAC) protocol standard. Working together, the companies plan to provide standards-based wireless LAN products, using Xircom's Netwave technology, for the Macintosh, Newton and future Apple platforms.
 Additionally, the companies will blend their technology strength in networking protocols to deliver multiprotocol print servers supporting both Intel-based and Apple computers and printers.
 "Both Dayna and Xircom believe that mobile computer users should have on-demand access to e-mail, FAX, department resources and information systems, regardless of their location or the hardware and communications software they use," Romney said. "At Dayna, we call this vision 'Any-TIME, Any-PLACE, Any-WARE computing,' and we plan to provide a broad range of products that will help users become more productive in the eclectic work environment of the '90s. This alliance between Dayna and Xircom brings together compelling technologies and product design and expertise that will move both companies another step closer to achieving this vision."
 Xircom's Gates added, "This strategic agreement unites the developmental strength of the industry's most innovative leaders in both the Macintosh and PC mobile connectivity arena. Because of this solid combination of expertise, we believe that together the two companies will drive Macintosh mobile connectivity to a new level."
 Founded in 1988, Xircom Inc. is the leader in the development and manufacture of mobile connectivity solutions for the personal computer market. The company pioneered the use of the universal PC parallel port to connect PCs to a LAN and has sold more than 750,000 external LAN adapters to date. Xircom's U.S. headquarters is located at 26025 Mureau Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302. Telephone is 818-878-7600. Fax is 818-878-7630. Xircom also has offices in Reston, Va.; Antwerp, Belgium; and Hong Kong.
 Dayna Communications is a privately held company, specializing in networking, connectivity and file management products for Macintosh computer systems. The company pioneered MS-DOS connectivity for the Macintosh computer and co-developed NetWare for Macintosh with Novell Inc. Dayna's products are distributed domestically by Ingram Micro, Merisel, Tech Data and other regional distributors and are available worldwide through a network of international distributors. Dayna is located at Sorenson Research Park, 849 West Levoy Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah 84123. Telephone is 801-269-7200, and fax is 801-269-7363.
 NOTE: All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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 /CONTACT: media, Lynne Rocha of Xircom, 415-274-8100, or David Pascoe or Suzanne Kimball of Dayna Communications, 801-269-7200; or analysts, JoAnne Martz of Xircom, 818-878-6220/

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