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X-ray partnership for Spectral Fusion. (Plant & Equipment).

An Anglo-American partnership has been announced that will result in X-ray technology, developed and manufactured by UK-based Spectral Fusion Technology (SFT), offered with the next generation of meat, seafood and poultry portioning equipment.

FMC FoodTech, a supplier of industrial food processing systems, has designed its new DSI portioning product line to include SFT MassScan[TM], a scanning system based upon the British company's BoneScan[TM] machine. Established portioning technology relies on light striping techniques to map the surface of boneless portions prior to cutting, working out area and height and then calculating volume and mass. X-ray technology opens the door for entirely new portioning applications because it can detect bones, cartilage, and voids under the product which light striping cannot.

FMC FoodTech's new range of DSI portioning solutions, to be called Accura[TM], will feature a number of variants designed to make the machines more accurate, flexible and user friendly. Both SFI MassScan[TM] and BoneScan[TM] options will be available on the top of the line units.

Contact: Spectral Fusion Technologies on tel: 01675 466111
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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