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X-Men Director Bryan Singer Faces Sexual Assault Charges From 21-Year-Old Virginia Man.

A 21-year-old man from Virginia accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexual assault on March 23, 2013 in New York City.

The NYPD Special Victims Squad is investigating the claim, the second to be filed against the director, reports the New York Post. Marty Singer, the director's lawyer, said, quoted by, "My client did not engage in any criminal or inappropriate behavior with anyone in New York or elsewhere."

The first complainant, 32-year-old Michael Egan, eventually withdrew the federal lawsuit he filed in Hawaii, claiming he was sexually assaulted by Singer when he was a teenager.

Egan, in the case he filed in April, claimed the director hit on male teenagers in the 1990s as a member of a sex ring. He said the alleged rape happened in a house party in Hawaii where there was alcohol and drugs. But like the second accusation, Singer denied Egan's claim, saying he was not in Hawaii on the date the sexual assault allegedly took place.

Singer described the claim of Egan as "outrageous, vicious and completely false," but it made the director withdraw from the press tour of his latest X-Men film that opened in May and so far has earned more than $740 million from its worldwide showing.

Besides Singer, Egan also accused three more major Hollywood executives of sexual assault. He charged former NBC Entertainment head Garth Ancier of forcing him perform fellatio and ex-Disney executive David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard of inappropriate behaviour.

Neuman denied the accusation of the Nevada actor in a tweet.

Egan claimed that Ancier, 56, gave him wine with drugs and then forcibly sodomised him. He made the same accusation against Goddard, 61, whom Egan said provided him mind-altering substances and then groped and raped him.

He said he has a friend who shared the same complaint, but medical problems such as a stroke and difficulty talking is preventing the second victim from filing a complaint.

Here's a short clip of Egan's testimony.


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