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X-FAB and Senodia Bring MEMS Gyroscopes to China.

Senodia selects X-FAB as MEMS foundry for high-volume production of single- and 3-axis gyroscopes

ERFURT, Germany & SHANGHAI -- X-FAB Silicon Foundries Group and Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd today announced they have concluded development and are ramping production of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscopes for high-volume consumer applications. X-FAB will serve as the front-end manufacturing partner, leveraging its open-platform inertial sensor process. Senodia will use sensor devices manufactured by X-FAB to produce single-axis and 3-axis gyroscopes. X-FAB, a leading pure-play MEMS foundry, offers a range of qualified open-platform MEMS process technologies covered by comprehensive design support. Senodia is the first commercial MEMS supplier to design and package gyroscopes in China. It recently raised its production capacity to more than 2.5 million MEMS gyroscope chips per month.

Single-axis MEMS gyroscopes can detect movement on one axis of rotation - yaw, pitch or roll - and more complex 3-axis gyroscopes can detect movement in all three. These gyroscopes are ideal for many high-volume applications such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, camcorders, gaming controllers, remote controls, digital cameras, electronic toys, and automotive and medical devices.

Bo Zou, Chairman/CEO of Senodia said, "We chose to work with X-FAB because of its high-performance process technology that enables us to develop products very rapidly and cost-effectively for the market place. X-FAB's open platform inertial sensor process was immediately available and ready to use for realizing our designs. With X-FAB's experience as a high-volume MEMS foundry, and our expertise and commitment to help customers develop their MEMS gyroscope applications, we believe Senodia is at the forefront of serving the world's ever-increasing market demand for MEMS gyroscopes in consumer electronics."

X-FAB has provided a MEMS foundry service for more than 10 years and considers inertial MEMS a cornerstone for the company's MEMS growth. X-FAB CEO Rudi De Winter said, "Our goal is to provide fast and easy foundry access for our customers to develop and manufacture first-time-right products. We are very pleased to work with Senodia, which has turned the inertial MEMS technology platform in record time into a gyro product that meets market needs."

About Senodia

Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the first commercial MEMS Gyroscope sensor supplier in China, founded in August, 2008. Its headquarters is in ZhangJinag Hi-Tech Park Shanghai, China. Senodia has the leading-edge MEMS process and integration technology with its own intellectual property (IP). Senodia focuses on designing and manufacturing low-cost, low-power, high performance/price ratio and small-sized MEMS Gyroscope chip for the consumer electronics and automotive markets. Senodia is also committed to provide customers with total solutions and best services.

About X-FAB

X-FAB is the leading analog/mixed-signal foundry group manufacturing silicon wafers for analog-digital integrated circuits (mixed-signal ICs). X-FAB maintains wafer production facilities in Erfurt and Dresden (Germany); Lubbock, Texas (US); and Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia); and employs approximately 2,400 people worldwide. Wafers are manufactured based on advanced modular CMOS and BiCMOS processes with technologies ranging from 1.0 to 0.13 micrometers, for applications primarily in the automotive, communications, consumer and industrial sectors. For more information, please visit
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Date:Oct 13, 2011
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