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X Factor Exclusive: Mailfile: The Final 10.


#Roberta Howett, 23 - The stunning credit controller from Dublin has been praised for not playing on her looks. She quit her job as soon as she got into the finals.

ODDS 7/1

# Tabby allaghan, 23 - The musician from Sligo, Ireland went to school with Westlife. Auditioned with his band DZ5 but was told to go solo. A favourite of Sharon's.

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#Cassie Compton, 17 - The London schoolgirl has been performing for seven years, mostly in musical theatre. She has been compared to Charlotte Church.

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#Verity Keays, 50 - The voice coach from Grimsby was forced to turn down two recording deals by her ex-hubby. She says X-Factor is her last chance.

ODDS 14/1

#Rowetta Satchell, 38 - Mancunian ex-backing singer with 90s band The Happy Mondays. Described by Simon as 20 per cent normal and 80 per cent not.

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#Steve Brookstein, 35 - The musician from London has been singing in pubs for 15 years. Nearly didn't make it because judges thought he didn't want it enough.

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#Voices with Soul - Grace Campbell, 42, her daughter Corene, 25 and Grace's sister, Hildia Campbell, 37. Larger than life family from Luton. At audition, Simon said they were a mess and had to glam up their act.

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# G4 - Matthew Stiff, 24, Jonathan Ansell, 22, Michael Christie, 23 and Ben Thapa, 22. Singers from Grimsby, Bognor Regis, Surrey and Cambridge. Met at music and drama college. Had lucrative busking career.

ODDS 5/1

# 2 To Go - Peter Jones, 24 and Emma Paine, 23. Nottingham duo came 4th in 2001 BBC Star for a Night. Peter was blinded by eye cancer as a baby. Emma was told to strengthen her voice at auditions.

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 24, 2004
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